Living in a bubble

Living in a bubble of desires and solidarity

Drink from the cup of ambition and prosperity

Whilst living in a bubble of normality within lingers wrath and sorrow of foregone past traumas

Living in a bubble, stirring within is the turmoil and trouble, whether the path is right and satisfactory to fulfill the void within that causes calamity

Living in a bubble, keeping out of trouble yet it circles all around, silent and profound without compassion for the consequences or intentions, all for this quest of perfection and peace.

Living  in a bubble with a open heart boarded with thorns, a sharpened tongue and a mentality fit to create more repose.

Living in a bubble

Slumbering to be set free, lost in ideas that hold no profit, solely to idle away the time with creativity

Living in a bubble

Fall in affection with a master of supremacy, the dark macabre of unified serenity

Living in a bubble

Fighting the stirring embers of troubles

Living in a bubble and awaiting the moment to arise and be free, answer that question of whether this one secret wish is meant to be, liberty and restriction, a beautiful predicament.

Living in a bubble, longing to be free, one eye fixed on ambition whilst the other gazes at the unknown figure steeped in confident beauty and all the things impatience deems will never become a reality.

Living in a bubble

Sleepless nights and endless cup to increase the thirst

Drinking from ambition and dreams laced with solidarity

Broken inside and conflicted within, engaged in a dance of an unhealthy alliance

Living in a bubble, staying out of trouble whilst conflict reigns in the mind, engrossed in lazy luxuries that spare us from defining needs and desires unfulfilled, how much time is there left to kill

Living in a bubble

One eye on ambition and the other of falling for a fairytale life when the heart commands what makes the perfect reality.




Under suspicion

Under the weight of ambition

Under the motivation and desire for it to come into fruition 

Under the majesty of expectation and acknowledgement unfulfilled 

Under the burden of limited time, so much to kill for that momentary thrill

Under apprehension and nervous suspicion, eye lids growing heavy by hopes and expectations of dreams unseen, unfulfilled, yet waiting to cause thrills

Under the spell of twinkling amber and hazel, ready for demise and appraisal, less than three hours till the sun rises to electrify and mystify, disbelief and fears pour for the ones we care for and adore,  keeping the slumbers at bay, making it for another tired and sleepless conclusion to a week of confusion.

Under pressure and need of expression, the latest fancy of a meaningless devotion, constant negotiations and indicision, all in the wake of detail and precision. 

Under the moonless sky set alight by street lights from cities far beyond the naked eye, a compromise to be set before the eventual regret sets in

Under the weight of a descending anchor cast far out in the sea of thoughts, constantly feeling the need to conjure up some report to change the mood or pave the way for new feelings to resurface from where they were kept at bay

Under the dismay and heavy price set to pay as the clock ticks off the minutes faster and faster in a percular way.

Under and going all the way, until the cure is achieved and the fears kept at bay, isolation and apprehension kept away, before something else crops up to lead us astray. 

Flying High

Flying high 

On the road we go 

Wind picking up that tempo

Going with the flow and finding new ways to entertain until the destination is reach

Stopping to watch the sunset on the beach

Flying high as we watch the open and liberal sky no matter where the clouds will be, even if it all of this is temporary

It’s​ a real mystery as we are still unable to decipher the coordinates to meet destiny’s demands

 Flying high

Encounter a stranger inspiring a lot of suspicious, could it paranoia or intuition dictating terms to me

The stranger offers a souvenir and casually takes his leave, leaving us wondering what he has hidden up his sleeve.

Flying high 

No consequences required for the agenda to commence, on this journey of liberty, the destination is set and yet unknown to all lies the end result filled with future regrets.

Flying high

Spying at the corner of the eye, expecting to see the suspension stranger dressed in an outfit far from usual normality, what is the need for the formality.

Flying high, getting dressed up to be lead astray in the course of destiny, why is it always the ones with resentment and distain following them around causing a pain.

Flying high

Away on the road we go, on the path to secure what fate has decreed, but the price is heavily and every turn holds a new surprise.

Flying high, be careful of the strange with the hair a colour of royal monarchy 

All is not what it seems, with an identity changed and the positions rearranged, bringing into question all that was suppose to be 

Flying high, keeping close by the deep blue sea

Steady as they go, secretly aiming to be a hero and solve the fates surrounding for what feels like an eternity

Flying high

Playing the hero

Never letting go 

That stranger keeps up in the distance, unbeknownst to us on this journey that we go.

Flying high

Getting carried away 

Priorities all adrift at sea, whilst we let the open road do whatever has been decreed

Tailed by that stranger with the royal style and hair the colors of a regal monarchy all the while 

Flying high

Touch the sky, living until the day comes to say goodbye

From the open road to the spacious sea

On this journey do we go to fulfill the demands of a secret decree, littered with sacrifice and superiority, watched all the while by the stranger in his long coat of mystery

Flying high

Until the day comes to bow out and resign, fulfill the prophecy in the hallmark of the regal demands 

Only to discover that the stranger constantly following was responsible for all that has come to be

Flying high 

Whether to live or die, the victor will always be he, the suspicious stranger with a regal air of pure danger 

Flying high

So long and goodnight, high time to conclude and let the rest be. 

Darkness becomes the light

The darkness becomes the light

In his presence white becomes black

The colors fade into a tangle

Too complicated to unravel

From the ceiling so much to show and little to be revealing

There is little point in concealing when the feelings are so on display

Yellow and light street lights flicker in disarray

Upside down and all with a cheerful frown

The darkness becomes the light

At least when he is around, for now

Circling around, each corner and angle the same yet different in a nonsensical way

Each path taken is lined with uncertainty and foreboding

Confidence is slowly dissolving in the heated winds of the day

The sun has taken its’ leave for the day, a night of magic awaits to erupt

And lead responsibilities astray

As the darkness becomes the light

Immersed in a world far too comfortable to ever abandon

Eternal darkness brings peace in miniature pieces, a puzzle to be solved in a bit

Unable to go to bed with it unresolved


Even when the sun rises to beckon the dawning of a new day

The darkness becomes the light

Unless he goes away

Out of nowhere he appeared in an unexpected sphere

And now he motivates and creates, peace and harmony in the midst of his chaos and disarray

A glorious figure of pure fascination, and all one can do is marvel at his creation

Darkness becomes the light

Unless he goes away

“Kindly don’t” they say,  for there is plenty of material to make him stay

Come what may, the darkness becomes the light either way

A dragon heart filled with fire and ire

In his command or under his spell, it is as powerful as a lion’s roar

Wait for it – the rising calm before the adoring storm

Darkness becomes the light

And still the question lingers

Does one want to be him or be with him

What a sin either answer would bring in, and yet it would be worth it in the end, for all else would be deadly dull and void of all amusement and fun

Darkness becomes the light

Around and around the path goes, three hundred and sixty degrees with each and every turn unknown.

A dragon heart filled with fire and ire

In his command or under his spell, it is as powerful as a lion’s roar – to powerful to ignore, as the in coming storm draws in with the rising sun, all for the sake of a little bit of fun

Darkness become the light

At least, when he is around, for now.




The lights went out

The lights went out and the city began to fold

The crafting of a story waiting to be told, no matter the price it is sold

Grown old in this splendid isolation, a new chapter depicting secrets too severe to be believed

Decieved in the act of peace, receiving only the opposite which consisted of pure grief.

The lights went out and the silence commenced its’ rule, sinister in nature, foreboding and cruel.

The lights went out as the new rule began to rise, marking a new dawn lacking in a sunrise.

This was, after all, part of the prize.

The reckoning has begun, a new revolution on the rise 

The lights went out and darkness fell, igniting the fires of an ancient long rebellion.

The grand illusions summarising a masterpiece of delusions, the silence of surrender bellows loudly for all to hear.

The lights went out 

No clouds to be seen, the sky is black and very prestine, yet no stars twinkle above in what use to be a heavenly gleam.

The lights went out as the city gave way, an unsightly ruin remains of once beautiful streets all left to decay.

Tis a waste and yet was no other way, hollow justification for a guilty mind lead astray,  come what may all must be obeyed, as the lights went out and erased the dawn for another day.

It came without warning

It came without a warning

It came without a sound

It had an impact to suit it’s secret agenda

Astonishing and profound

All that I could have ever demanded

Confounded in this state, such a tease, drenched in mystery with a charasmatic aid as freeing as a summer breeze. 

It came without a warning

If only the traffic lights had stayed on red for a few seconds longer

Prolonged the inevitable, these metaphors are becoming predictable 

The secret seduction to which all will have to surrender

Standing in the center of the sitting room floor as the sirens rise and fall, echos bouncing off the neighbourhood walls

It came without a sign or signal, but then again there aren’t many things capable of predicting, and now the clock in the tower will not stop ringing, carried away in the dawning light of a new day.

It came without a warning, going from door to door, rallying the faithful as if there was something worth fighting for. 

It came without a mention, have we entered a new realm or dimension, has everything been turned upside down and inside out.

No source of a cure and little hope of prevention 

It came without warning 

Silence filled the night air, as the winter winds of April commanded the clouds to reign with superiority and little to care. 

The masquerade of spring revealed that summer was never really there, though a new month is around the corner

So debonair with a ease of this affair, it came without a warning, but that does not make it unfair

Throughout the years and time on Earth, existing day by day, one thing has always gone astray in terms of realising that often control is not the key, and whatever we desire cannot be forced or dictated, not matter how much it is antisipated.

It came without a warning as the new moon rose, shining light into the darkness and balances the positives and negatives in equilibrium’s delight.

It came without a warning 

That shining guide taking the form of whatever it is we have been seeking without knowing it is the single object of beautiful serenity

It came without a warning 

A remarkable sign that gives rise to a new month and new prosperity dawning. 

A thousand nights

Voice like thunder and piercing eyes as sharp and bright as lightening, eloquent and enticing with all the elements to invite. 
Tread with caution, a warning or simply a notion, in the world of mudane and distain, where is the harm in diverting way from the norm, whilst making sure never to be lead astray.

A thousand nights go by, and time continues to remain on our side, taking much pride in reclaiming what has been denied.

Turn the ignition and commence on this mission, whether through the sunrise or sunset, impatience holds firm in their grasp, a majestic little farse.

A thousand nights go on by, assignments are due in soon, yet the mind is engrossed by the storm that is you, all dark clouds and metaphors with mysterious methods leaving many breathless with curious.

Alas, the deadlines are approaching with feriousity, all part of the monopoly. A thousand nights go by, written words are lost and familiarity becomes a thing of the past, dominating and dicatating, all the while antisipating.

A thousand nights and still I wonder if the longing will change, amber eyes dedicated on these distractions, awaiting for the time the confessions commense.

A thousand nights, the storm that was you rages on, with a voice like thunder and eyes electric and bright. The thief of time and commitments divine, all for that one shared purpose of staying in life.

A thousand nights and still not complete, discovered the secret to make this phase complete. The incident obsolete and rise to the occasion, bowing to the masters of defeat.

There goes with the tilting of the hat, an acknowledgement that it is time to retire, and leave behind those distractions in the fire. 

 thousand nights have gone by, deadlines reached and examinations passed, now at last is the time to sleep and surrender to the dreams where you reside and make everything complete.