Questions and answers.

“Always and forever, on the same side, you’ll find me.”

Question arose from years ago

When I was young and without knowledge, wisdom, or experience

Through trail and error, we travelled life’s mysterious path



But once accepted and understood

Out of the blue as surprises usually occur

With nobody to refer to, other then our own sentiments

Questions and answers that never seemed to fit

No matter how much study devoted, nothing ever connected or connoted

To love is a thing debated and wondered

To ponder on a sound or a sight that resembles a reminder

A determiner or a decision, one made without precision

As people come and go with the ebb and flow of life

Fragile and fleeting, lost to hours when should be sleeping

Except in the mind keeps on repeating a familiar question that never gets old

The attempted answers come and go yet none of them match the rhythm or the flow

The perfectionist refused to let it be, until there were no more solutions left to fathom

The answer to this question, often times have lead to being ignored and rejection

For all the faults and failing to the achievements and successes

The up and downs, whether involving frowns or smiles



Questions and answers that lingered on and on

For a sign or a signal, a hint or a suggestion

To end the constant need to answer this one question

In silence through the years, going through confusion and fears

Not to be discussed

Nothing to create a fuss

Until the answer was finally seen

A rare thing, silent and unseen

Quintessential in simplistic beauty

As the sun sets to illuminate the moon

Tides rise and fall

One constant is always you



The answer to the question, made no sense, surely in need of instant rejection

In struggles, ups and down

Whether there be a smile or a frown

No amount of wealth could ever compare

No sacrifice needed, when sides are the same and comprises are made to be completed


One constant remains, after all these years, through diversions and distractions

Every path has always led to you

As unrequited things do

In the end, in silence it shall be, a mutual understanding and one of gratitude

That finally the answer to the question was you.

The search is over

The answer found



It was always going to be you.



Time after time

Time after time

Moment after moment

Always caught off guard

Always questioning the surprise

And somehow I get lost in your eyes

This could be the start of a demise

Time stands still yet goes on in the background

The sentiments profound

In a crowded place littered with so many faces you saw mine

Not when I was right in front of you, head inclined in the pretence of a distraction

It wasn’t suppose to be like this

Now I’m left astonished at our interactions

Time after time

The number of times seeing you this week

Five in total and still you are there

How long will this be

I didn’t see this coming but now the mind won’t let it be

Even just to see

Lost in analysation

Continuously throwing questions in the air and fate brings the answer in the most unexpected of fashions.

Time after time

It’s a rare thing but common in history

How did we get to this point

Even in the briefest moments of a conversation

It lingers for days after until the next possible situation.

Time after time

I blame the embrace

I blame the sincere look upon your face

I blame the head and heart misbehaving so

Leaving it up to fate and time after time left surprise

Nothing lasts forever it is true, but the thought of it just inspires all the colors blue

Time after time

Lost in my mind and the look in your eyes

From across a crowded room

Always out of the blue

Once a beautiful stranger

Now suddenly I feel in danger

Thoughts and feelings leading the away

This week has been a wonder

And I’m grateful regardless of what will happen next

Unexpected and perfect, the best possible way.

A game of chess

A game of chess

Your move then mine, on repeat, round and round, constantly racing through the mind.

A game of chess

Cannot write for the words do not come

First time in a while I have been struck dumb

What is it to be

Between the you and the me

Four days in a row, still we come and go by each other

Smiles and compliments unexpected but catching the heart unaware

It’s been several hours yet the memory is on repeat

What needs to be done in this back and forth

Is it my turn after yours

A game of chess

Shouldn’t one of us at least confess?

In silent and thoughts

What is truly there

The need to hurry and reveal all

But the heart commands the head

A game of chess is lost

Should I retire instead

What if it is temporary and I never see thee again

What if hours and shifts change

Should be at a loss and whence it ends

A game of chess

Perhaps some advice is needed here

For each moment is unexpected yet the need for adventure and excitement laced fears

A game of chess

Time to confess?

Or let it be and lose out on what could have been.

Silent and unseen

Help kindly come to me


Golden like a sunrise

Golden like the moment in time when you arise

Golden like the silence that lingers, peaceful and serene

From the light that reflecting off the shine of darkened crown of wavy hair

To the secret smile hidden and modest but still a thing of beauty to be seen

Golden is the time when you linger by

Even for a moment as we pass each other by

Rise and fall

Forgot how to breath

Now sitting on the floor

With head inclined

So much on his mind

Tis enough to sit quietly beside

Despite the distraction and diversions

The sole source remains only one

Who comes and go without a sound

Mysterious and calm

Golden like a sunrise

And a beautiful as star filled sky when the moon shines bright

Two worlds collide and stand amidst a golden silence of a compromise

Under the influence

Lost in daydreams where you reign supreme, on a golden throne

You are king

Never to be forgotten

This path that you crafted with care

It matters most if you are there

Golden as the silence

Golden as the precious moments when we can be side by side

Eye to eye

Golden as the sunrise

Lost again in the darkness of your eyes.


Caught off guard

Caught off guard

You were present after such a long absence

A heart returned from whence it was banished away

Why now must you come back and play

Watch as time goes by and I remain lost once again in this endless sway

Your song keeps playing on and on

And I ask myself what on Earth is wrong

Caught off guard

I saw again a moment of humanity

It’s rare in beauty

So much so that even a minute of time to keep you insight and beside

Different and the same

Lost the ability to feel distain when you’re nearby

Caught off guard

Out of sight and mind

Dressed in navy, black and white

Been so long since I saw such a sight

Like the moon surrounded by scattered stars

You are the Venus and the Mars

All is is fair in love and war

Silently going by with brief mentions of adoration

I have lost the ability for preparation

Caught of guard

You’re a walking devastation

Lost the rhyme and the routine

Around every corner you linger by

A gaze elsewhere until mine is averted and there you return to stare

Caught off guard

Lost the new route and found the old path

Now I’m sitting in the winter of our discontent, even Shakespeare would be on the warpath

Caught off guard

You’re a walking distraction of perfect satisfaction

Learn your language in secret

There must be more to life than this anguish

Out of sight and out of mind, refined and defined

Nothing needs to be sacrificed when one and one combine into two

Keep on appearing and disappearing

In the end the two will become one

And in the end when all is said and done

Love will remain the heart and soul of a number one.

Caught off guard



It started silently until it grew

The melody piercing and distinct

How the thoughts and feelings are in sync

In the absence your presence is greater

The heart races and breath is laboured

Such mysterious behaviour to either be savoured or cause for concern


Sliding down the wall

Ended up on the floor

You presence made gravity vanish then return, bringing everything to the floor.


The expectations were non existent

Only to make an unprecedented return

As you stroll and command

Scattered thoughts are chasing fragments without concern

You stand at the centre of the stage

Kindly give me a route to disengage

The courage to surrender and devote the limited time I have to promote and achieve.

Could this circumstance be the truth pathway to where we are meant to be


Past the point of serenity

The clouds linger with the sun

You turned away

Lost in finding the path

Locked away on with a screen illuminating your gaze

Always surprised

Eyes shining in wonder and confusion

But you continue to carve a path

One so unexpected and unintended


Such was the density of our predicament

The domino effect was instant and perfect

Not a chance given to reject

And now we linger on in different worlds

A new language being learnt

Lesson after lesson, could well end up as a profession

At fate’s discretion


You created a legacy that is beyond belief of perfection

An accidental introduction

Through different paths are woven and set

You remain the one to make the imperfect perfect

Enough to reflect you true beauty, silent though it may be

Regardless of the time, situation, or location

One thing shall remain and always be

The single vacancy reserved solely for you

As you approach dressed in your dark navy and blue

Commanding the questions and the fate behind you


East Sea

East Sea

Representing an old memory

Taking reality away and improving it

These roles are reversed

You initiate out of the blue

This unpredictability is beyond my reason and rhyme

Too obvious for my mind

An over analysation of your mannerisms

No matter the level I study to this degree of unfamiliar exchange

The signals clearly out of range

Set a float in the East Sea

Oh the familiar fantasy

Educated enough to obtain a degree

What will it take to gain some clarity

East Sea

Our roles reversed

The situation is either a blessing or a curse

Lines feel rehearsed

Like night swaps places with the day

When the moon comes out to play alongside the blue sky whilst the sun is away until darkness comes to claim the prize.

East Sea

Play a melody

Go through the motions

What a commotion

Roles reversed

Torn between a blessing and a curse.

East Sea

It just cannot be

Unless heart lingers on in midst of a flight

Ambitions are false, reactions fabricated, a heart burns in an icy flames’ embrace

East Sea

You started in the summer

Lingered on until you were gone then reappeared again

Restarting the education into a nation, a language, a creation, all through your influence

East Sea

Gazed locked away

Focused on me

Same words uttered

Reactions vary

But the gaze remains the same

Eyes pierce the soul and erase the heart

Forget the answer and found the question

Now set a drift in the east sea

Such is the ironic of a metaphor

You ended up being.