Mind went wondering 

Mind went wondering, opens the door and down the staircase to the hall.

Like a moth following a particular light, disregarding everything else into the blue darkness that cloaked you in curiosity. 

Mind went wondering

Gaze always inclined to the floor or on something invisible and unseen.

Appearing and disappearing like a supernatural thing.

Still the mind continuous to wonder, pondering on a singular thought that spells out your frame and name. 

We ended up out in the unknown, retracing steps until eyes were met in reunion and divisions were banished. 
The sentiments linger in the cold winter mist of confusion 

There goes the mind again, wondering down to the parking lot 
or along the deserted corridor. 

You were the guide and the architect, the master in making, bringing about something breathtaking.

The ground was shaking

Mind continued wondering forsaking reasons

Perhaps it is under the influence of something unseen. 

Thoughts and wishes are expressed unseen yet visible to all. The writing is on the wall. 

But still the mind went wondering down the hall, following your steps as you once did mine. 

Both in beach of conscious restrictions 

 Mind continuous wondering 

Scenarios linger on 

The light grows stronger 

And in the end nothing is left but unspoken words left unseen 

Your gaze always locked away

In the blink of an eye you hesitate to look back, sending the mind rushing to trace your tracks.

Before you disappear once again. 

Mind went in wondering down the hall.


Been here before 

A wish

A taleA desire long to be prevailed

Feels like I have been here before

Let me be the mystery for you to solve

Let your curiosity be ignited by the merest question to trigger enlightenment

Reality is ours to create 

Permit it to be worth the anticipation and expectation

A wish 

A tale

Feels like I have been here before 

To be the answer to your question 

Let it become your profession 

Suddenly requiring a confession 
The little things that trigger the heart 

Set the world to halt just for a moment or two 

Somehow it lingers on the mind

The desire to be a mystery for your investigation 

A rare moment of distraction 

To just listen and have an interaction with you 
A wish 

A tale

It is temporary for sure

As most things are that leave us in awe

One day it will come

A permanent mystery to solve together

Until then it will be brief moments of time with you and me.

Living in our own reality 

Beautiful stranger

Beautiful stranger

Dressed in navy and black

Even on the darkest day and coldest night

You bring the light

Just the sight of you 

And I forget the blues

Troubles on my mind

Wondering how long I have got to cherish what I once took for granted

Gratitude for every second for every little thing 

Even just seeing you

Beautiful strange from summer to winter

Such a sight takes my mind away from all that made it blue

Troubles on the mind put to one side

When the beautiful strange lingers beside me

Grateful I am to you, for taking my blues away by the simplest sight of you 

Navy and blue

The usual routine 

Eyes locked in to your iPhone screen

Looking like something out of a dream

So long and good night

Thank you for being present and insight. 

Beautiful strange you will never know how much of a delight you are. 

Looking like something out of a korean drama and speaking a language so fascinating 

Even though I know only a few words and phrases myself 

The distraction is enough for time to preserve, more than I deserve

Beautiful stranger from heaven on earth. 

Master of gravity

Lost the way

Kept to the paths

The aftermath futile

Let it linger for a while

Forgive the absence

Lost the way

Saw a smile

Witnessed a glance

Only for a split second

Silently beckoned

The master of gravity arose

In joy or a rare sorrow

Caught up in a quarrel

Only for the longing to grow tomorrow

Recollections feel like profanity

Oh, master of gravity

Tried to stay hidden

Maintain the separation

Yet paths continue to be crossed

At a loss

The aftermath was futile

Master of gravity made the decree

Despite staying away for a while

Lost the way

Caught up in simple presence

Leave it be

Set adrift in a black sea

Master of gravity

Everything has been compromised

Silence could not be sustained

Glances were unconscious and constant

Lost the way

Lead astray by a presence

Caught up in a false pretense

Avoiding became a failure

Master of gravity

Continuously crossing paths

The aftermath was futile

Your gaze fixed out the window in seclusion

Or locked on a screen

Silence reigned supreme

How did it come to be

Master of gravity

Absent was the mind

Lost in your sight

Unable to sleep

Master of gravity plays on the mind

On repeat

Even when time to be sound asleep

Master of gravity lingers on

For the next session to come along

Look up

Look up, unawares

Stop and wonder what could be there 

How the smallest things catch the eye

Attention captured

Lost in questions 

Heart bounces from ceiling to the floor 

Always searching for one to adore 

The feelings are there waiting to be made awares 

One glimpse and a tidal wave comes crashing in 

Look up, unawares

Unexpected as most things are made to be perfected 

Always in a safe place never to be rejected, never to be selected 

The sun rises and falls yet the desire and ambition remains in the same 

As the rain cascades and the clouds cover the blue sky 

Always looking up asking for reasons why 

A plan is born, ambition is raised

To follow a path that may lead to what has been missing all this time 

Look up, unawares

Unexpected yet perfected 

Heart bounces from ceiling to the floor 

Here comes another book I wish to know, cover to cover, every sentence and paragraph

Will it make me question will it make me laugh?

Will each and every chapter capture attention with wonder and adoration 

Look up, unawares 

Something causing so much bother 

Round and round 

Observing all that I can without a reason or a plan 

Why must it always be the wrong type to ignite curiosity and wonder

Out of bounds 

Out of sight and mind

Yet appears so refined

No actions are taken and all is well

But the more I see the more the mind rebels 

Look up, unawares 

Unexpected yet always perfected 

Another puzzle with scattered pieces 

Look up, unawares 

And there I find you there 

Out of the blue dressed in navy or sometimes white 

The sight is always the same 

Only this time there is no one to blame 

The words are written 

Already been bitten 

Maybe this is a guide to reveal the path 

Some good always comes from the aftermath 

Look up, unawares 

Already far to lost to even care

Once again I am caught unawares and it really is not fair. 

Turn the corner

Turn the corner 

And you are there 

Grey and white 

It is a memorable sight 

Silently without expectation

No time given for anticipation 

I suppose I was lost in thoughts, they were raining down in a haze soft warming light 

Very difficult to detect but the sensation is quite perfect.

Turn the corner 

Live the dream

Day by day 

Unseen and unknown yet they mound and shape the way the days goes by

All as along as you come by

Mimic your footsteps

And the style

After a single glimpse of your smile

Without even knowing it

New habits are born

I could have sworn life was different yesterday

But somehow it has all changed slowly and steady over time

The more that was obverse the more the mind began to preserve 

Not to perturb or obstruct, that would be quite absurd. 

Turn the corner 

And evolution began

All because of the sight of one individual with a appealing nature and manner 

Perculiar how he human brain works in the wake of seeing something pleasing and unknown

Emotional propensities to a level of immense density 

Could this last for an infinite time with equal intensity.

Turn the corner 

Navy and black

Black and white

It’s a curious sight 

One that attracts and inspires

Without realisation or reason

It’s all part of humanity and it’s gift for wonderful creations in the mind

Upon catching sight of something so called “the apple of the eye” beautiful and divine.

Turn the corner

Open the door

It’s a fun adventure that will remain in our memories forevermore 

Turn the corner.


Fall down 

Fall down on one knee such as one bound by a royal decree

Liberty comes freely in the midst of glances oh so steely eyed

Drenched in pride with a smile shining bright as the morning sunrise

Fall down on one knee dressed in a suit tailored in mystery 

For all the world to see in this moment in time

The question always the same, how is all this even possible

No single soul can be this divine

No sight of such simple beauty ever seen until that moment long ago it seems

Fall down on one knee

For all the world to see

Ruling heart and mind for all of eternity 

The simplicity of love that is for thee

In the moment you fell on one knee in front of me.