Life in black and white 

Life in black and white
No light or brightness in sight 

Delights were rare and excitement minimum to the point of being bare

Little was there to care, only serving to survive, the fragments of hope kept hidden

In fear of discovery and demise

To what surprise did arise upon the sight unexpected and fair

That illuminated the sky with a fiery glow that shone warmth and repair

Life in black and white

Silence ruled and any scrap of happiness taken too far, like a draft of nicotine it sent the senses on a temporary ride away from reality

Fleeting though it felt, it was worth it in the aim to escape and recover from the present 

Life in black and white

Till appeared a simple soul, ordinary to most, but extraordinarily to a few

He arose out of the blue, and seemed to understand what others could not

As those hoped and expected to be equal turned out to be nothing more than evil

Until he appeared, with eyes of gold and green, a voice deep, honest and sublime

A rare jewel of purity divine

Life in black and white 

Then he appeared and drown the planet in color and sound, often with a single notion or motion

He did something profound that quietly astounded and set alight a fire in the torrential rain when warmth and light was not insight

Life in black and white

What he represented and what he prevented

Even in the pouring rain, it made no difference so long as he remained, commanding the land with sound that drowned out the thunderous lightening 

An antidote and a cure to the darkness and colorless world so commonly known

In times of trouble or need he’s there, selfless and true, representing something more than kindness 

Perfection is non existence and never would he be labelled as such

But upon examination in a world filled with melancholy and sorrow, came he and all he represented, that kindness exists and beauty too, with the colours and light that followed wherever he goes

Life in black and white 

A glass is raised, filled to the brim with thanks and praise, lost in that eternal gaze, of a beautiful figure in soul and voice, erasing the darkness and restoring light and joy once more. 

Remember his touch, remember his voice, remember the warmth of he embrace and how it felt like wings preparing the soul to shoot up into the blue and white sky, as the sun shines its’ fiery glow

And the oh so familiar life in black and white was gone forevermore.



Tiresome are the tears that drench the skin, rendering every fibre of our beings thin

The expressions of melancholy misery as we lash out and blame others close and dear in some bid to prove how bad and cruel we truly are 

The hate and self loathing, like some ritualistic method of scolding. It’s the reason for being g disliked and abused is the reply, at least then it can be said that it was deserved and my doing for it was I in control.

Tiresome are these words that are dangerous and wrong, for there is often no reason or blame to pin on those others than the ones resoinsjbke for the pain caused. It gets better, don’t fret, or else live to wallow in regret.

Tiresome is the constant assurance then it wasn’t your fault and it wasn’t deserved, yet when it happened so much how else can be it explained, somewhere along the path the blame falls to my door 

How far can the bar be raised until breaking point is reached and all hope is obsolete 

It is not fair to rely and linger on the same tree branch weighing down, fit to break, perhaps today will be better than anticipated or expected. There is another chance for the old ways to be rejected

Tiresome are the tears that linger in a neverflow of what’s wrong, what is there to do,

Always so angry always so sad, the diagnosis is in, the survey says you are mad 

That ache to be needed and acknowledged whilst craving solitude and invisibility 

In a crowed room or an active screen, the loneliness reigns supreme 

Shiny and clean on the surface, always on the edge, promise to be better and not let the melancholy win

Tiresome are the tears that stretch the tolerance thin, craving the darkness in the light, mind stuck in a deplorable state, can’t even bring ourselves to move, frozen in this state when all I wanna do is run to you

Tiresome patterns and attempts, reinvent and recreate, a new jersey to wear, got a new style for my hair, color the past away, it did nothing but bring life down anyway 

Injection of purple to the skin, mini notes to remind and prevent the risk of a formidable path creeping up ahead,  made a vow to preserve and protect, yet other wants to hurt remain 

Tiresome is the self loathing, that feeling of constant forboding, cursed with blessing of a simply life, irritated and upset, not a single day can go by without a melancholy moment filed with angst and rage

The results are in and it confirms the sin, mind gone to waste, a total disgrace, madness and misery has come to be the mistress in your place 

Hope is gone, fear reigns on, making plans and going places, yet nothing works and back down to the same old story 

Tiresome is the wish to be better than this, just keep on reinventing and pretending to the outside world, whilst within lies the reality and tolerance is waining thin.

Tiresome are these tears and constant fears, of dreams and desires, perhaps this will be the cure, to remedy away the negativity and make it no more.

Follow the inspiration and the love, it’s wholesome and real, from a country where the best things come in threes

Unable to fulfil, the fears are there as well as the risks of going alone in vulnerable solitude, the dangers are there, probably best to stay in bed.

Tiresome is the build up to this final examination, it’s the topics they say, the fundamental cause of this depression, wait for it, here comes another act of terrifying aggression, commencing the tears and fears

Unable to breath, when will it stop, will it be safe? Confess these fears to a tired reception, the knifes are out and laced with aggression, unable to understand, perhaps the diagnosis was right and it’s all part of being mad.

Tiresome, this is becoming, to follow and go after will be validating the woes the overheard voice goes, but to ignore and leave alone will create sadness and guilt, there’s no way to win 

Tiresome, all this is becoming, perhaps it’s the lack of discipline and the never ending distracting at a beck and call, starting to think friends don’t exist anymore

The sight of the reminders raise the alarms, who knew at this age it would all still be responsible for harm 

Tiresome all this has become and the hour is late, better rest the head and pray that tomorrow will be better for all our sakes. 



Inspired that late night craving for adventure 

To explore the open road and go till the land becomes no more

Beckoned by the navy sea waves whispering intriguing mysterious 

What tales of the world do they decree on the quest to liberty 

Don’t take it to heart the gestures that were made, worthy to nobody in particular 

Even though deep down lies a stickler for positivity and success 


Lets go for a stroll

And exhale the emotions till they evaporate without a trace 

Oh for the chance to erase the memory of your embrace that shattered every barrier despite the best efforts to resist and restrain 

An icy heart now heated like a marathon running just before the finish line

Determined and stubborn, filled with fear, surely there must be a way to disappear  

Insert that age old line, how the heart wishes you were mine, not a prince but a king 

No sacrifice too great, no burden too heavy to contemplate, no demand too severe 

Mutual and understanding, on both sides would the parts be played, with you coming to my aid

Through it all lies a soul built to persevere without the necessity of fear 

It is non-existent when the sweetheart is near 

Down the cobbled street or along the grass cover field far from the prying eyes of reality 

Instead I raced down the steps and collapsed on the stone floor, till a bystander came to ask if all was well

How did I reply? Oh, it is fine, the clock struck the hour and I had go.

Attention was never one that drew much affection or desire, better to linger in the shadows 

Private and reserved, making sure nobody is perturbed or disturbed

But the mere notion of that seems obsurd as the daydreams and prayers go on unheard 

The opportunity past, the moment never permanent to last, with the eyes of all upon thee

The will and want for the audience to depart

What say you, Sweetheart, sparking eyes of gold and green, from a land deemed tooregal to be real 

How many nighttime drives and strolls will it take to forget and disengage from the memories I am too weak to let go

To immerse in the navy blue sea with waves whispering tales of mystery

If only it was possible to see what the future held in store for thee

All this is temporary and will reach its’ conclusion soon

Call me a sweetheart, I’ll say the same of you but never to your face or in a place where you can hear

Ruled as always by fear and the endless need to disappear 

The thrill that lingers in fading away, and never have you know what is truly felt 

To be erased into the night until the memories of you are vanquished from mind and sight

If only it were that simple to lead a heart astray as mine has been many years by good graces and chance 

Sweetheart, just call it a day, pronounce the illusion deceased and long gone 

The night has arrived and the adventure has begun, for how long am I suppose to run

Until the road ends after going around every single bend 

Travel the navy blue sea till out of trace or sight 

Bidding the old life a joyous so long and goodnight 

Caught up in a sweetheart’s embrace and now it’s time for myself to be a peace 

In a place unknown 

To exterminate and recreate my heart and soul anew once more. 



Make an offer impossible to refuse

Then perhaps this fever can be diffused

Head feeling heavy even though the thoughts are empty and filled with unrealistic possibilities 

Make an offer impossible to refuse

Be the remedy as you once were

Erase everything and start afresh 

Lost in language with so much love never be able to express

Every word uttered feels like too much has been confessed

Too much revealed in the desperate aim to share and express oneself, but at the same time conceal, in fear of the past, and protection is key 

Make me an offer impossible to refuse

Not since you has there been anyone else worthy of an embrace

Take a risk and board a plane to take the heart to your temporary domain where you remain

A tired heart and a weak soul, filled with things destined to be eternally unknown

Make an offer impossible to refuse

The memories of you won’t fade away, ten years could have past and there you will remain 

So tired but unable to sleep, staying up to the late hours until the mind decides to call it a day

But even in the dreams you continue to play

Wish I could tell you to go far away, but weakness rules and commands forever

With the only desire to see and be with you once more

Though it is impossible and probably beyond reasonableness 

Make an offer impossible to refuse

Then maybe then this fever will finally be defused.

Bow Tie 

In a world where the sun sets only when you command

Profound and real, never with the need to conceal 

Left the heart on the floor after it fell off the sleeve 

No time left to deceive or alibi to retrieve 

The power is within the palm of your hands as they rise in a steady motion

Controlled and filled with devotion 

Bow tie 

Determined and kind, silently restoring faith in the melancholiness of humankind

Enshrined in a casket of light resonates a voice that summons the brightest of daylight

Dressed in a bow tie, no wings are required to make him fly 

To take flight and summon with all his might, through voice alone, conquering and calming

Bow tie to resonate something extra charming, as it captures and restrains all the things that once caused pain 

Outstretched arms with a lion’s roar, determined as ever to leave those hearts on the floor

Close the door, every morsel of he is worthy of being adored with something so strong it may raise the alarms 

Bow tie and a straightened up collar, observing the once grey sights now filled with color 

No words need to be spoken or tokens be exchanged, merely just being present is enough

It was no doubt surmised that the prize would be incomplete, the canvas half finished with the colourings missing, only to be salvaged upon the presence of his voice’s blessing 

Resonating color and light with every note, time is limited in the aim to devote 

Bow tie 

Such a commotion in a sea of endless devotion 

Drunk of some sort of potion of his own creation with full knowledge of the magnitude of the devastation 

All that elation 

Bow tie still part of his presentation of a masterpieces’ perfection 

In the midst of disarray and devastation 

The hallmark of his creation 

Permit me to serve and observe until the very end

Until the hour calls and beckons for the rest of a sleepy head.

In his arms 

In his arms 

A moment will do

No amount of time could remedy this love that lingers for you

Two years gone by without realising how or why did he become the apple of my eye

In his arms 

For the briefest of moments as the world evaporates and nothing is left 

In his arms

Only human after all and unrequited something is a funny thing 

Face to face, eyes linger over mine, question erupt like a dozen fireworks on the 4th of July sky

Call me a sweetheart, watch my heart suddenly stop 

Climb upon of the highest mountain just to find air to breath

It all left the room when he glanced in my direction

Who allowed such a work of artistic perfection 

Nothing could ever compare to that stare

In his arms 

The sounds of sirens and alarms fades to nothingness

In his arms

Just a minute longer 

But the moment is gone

No remedy at hand

Too much to comprehend and demand

In his arms

Life complete 

The rest is obsolete 

Time to abandon and withdraw

Resign and let it go

In his arms in the briefest of moments, and then it’s gone forevermore.

Yet here I sit, filled with his voice and face in my head, keeping me from going to bed. 

In his arms 

Let me be

Don’t need anything else

Not even as the sun starts to rise

Still unable to go to bed

Listen to my heart and it lead me to he, along with the country of origin that made him a noble majesty.

In his arms

No need to raise the alarms 

Abandon ship and let it be 

In his arms 

Living in a bubble

Living in a bubble of desires and solidarity

Drink from the cup of ambition and prosperity

Whilst living in a bubble of normality within lingers wrath and sorrow of foregone past traumas

Living in a bubble, stirring within is the turmoil and trouble, whether the path is right and satisfactory to fulfill the void within that causes calamity

Living in a bubble, keeping out of trouble yet it circles all around, silent and profound without compassion for the consequences or intentions, all for this quest of perfection and peace.

Living  in a bubble with a open heart boarded with thorns, a sharpened tongue and a mentality fit to create more repose.

Living in a bubble

Slumbering to be set free, lost in ideas that hold no profit, solely to idle away the time with creativity

Living in a bubble

Fall in affection with a master of supremacy, the dark macabre of unified serenity

Living in a bubble

Fighting the stirring embers of troubles

Living in a bubble and awaiting the moment to arise and be free, answer that question of whether this one secret wish is meant to be, liberty and restriction, a beautiful predicament.

Living in a bubble, longing to be free, one eye fixed on ambition whilst the other gazes at the unknown figure steeped in confident beauty and all the things impatience deems will never become a reality.

Living in a bubble

Sleepless nights and endless cup to increase the thirst

Drinking from ambition and dreams laced with solidarity

Broken inside and conflicted within, engaged in a dance of an unhealthy alliance

Living in a bubble, staying out of trouble whilst conflict reigns in the mind, engrossed in lazy luxuries that spare us from defining needs and desires unfulfilled, how much time is there left to kill

Living in a bubble

One eye on ambition and the other of falling for a fairytale life when the heart commands what makes the perfect reality.