Caught off guard

Caught off guard

You were present after such a long absence

A heart returned from whence it was banished away

Why now must you come back and play

Watch as time goes by and I remain lost once again in this endless sway

Your song keeps playing on and on

And I ask myself what on Earth is wrong

Caught off guard

I saw again a moment of humanity

It’s rare in beauty

So much so that even a minute of time to keep you insight and beside

Different and the same

Lost the ability to feel distain when you’re nearby

Caught off guard

Out of sight and mind

Dressed in navy, black and white

Been so long since I saw such a sight

Like the moon surrounded by scattered stars

You are the Venus and the Mars

All is is fair in love and war

Silently going by with brief mentions of adoration

I have lost the ability for preparation

Caught of guard

You’re a walking devastation

Lost the rhyme and the routine

Around every corner you linger by

A gaze elsewhere until mine is averted and there you return to stare

Caught off guard

Lost the new route and found the old path

Now I’m sitting in the winter of our discontent, even Shakespeare would be on the warpath

Caught off guard

You’re a walking distraction of perfect satisfaction

Learn your language in secret

There must be more to life than this anguish

Out of sight and out of mind, refined and defined

Nothing needs to be sacrificed when one and one combine into two

Keep on appearing and disappearing

In the end the two will become one

And in the end when all is said and done

Love will remain the heart and soul of a number one.

Caught off guard




It started silently until it grew

The melody piercing and distinct

How the thoughts and feelings are in sync

In the absence your presence is greater

The heart races and breath is laboured

Such mysterious behaviour to either be savoured or cause for concern


Sliding down the wall

Ended up on the floor

You presence made gravity vanish then return, bringing everything to the floor.


The expectations were non existent

Only to make an unprecedented return

As you stroll and command

Scattered thoughts are chasing fragments without concern

You stand at the centre of the stage

Kindly give me a route to disengage

The courage to surrender and devote the limited time I have to promote and achieve.

Could this circumstance be the truth pathway to where we are meant to be


Past the point of serenity

The clouds linger with the sun

You turned away

Lost in finding the path

Locked away on with a screen illuminating your gaze

Always surprised

Eyes shining in wonder and confusion

But you continue to carve a path

One so unexpected and unintended


Such was the density of our predicament

The domino effect was instant and perfect

Not a chance given to reject

And now we linger on in different worlds

A new language being learnt

Lesson after lesson, could well end up as a profession

At fate’s discretion


You created a legacy that is beyond belief of perfection

An accidental introduction

Through different paths are woven and set

You remain the one to make the imperfect perfect

Enough to reflect you true beauty, silent though it may be

Regardless of the time, situation, or location

One thing shall remain and always be

The single vacancy reserved solely for you

As you approach dressed in your dark navy and blue

Commanding the questions and the fate behind you


East Sea

East Sea

Representing an old memory

Taking reality away and improving it

These roles are reversed

You initiate out of the blue

This unpredictability is beyond my reason and rhyme

Too obvious for my mind

An over analysation of your mannerisms

No matter the level I study to this degree of unfamiliar exchange

The signals clearly out of range

Set a float in the East Sea

Oh the familiar fantasy

Educated enough to obtain a degree

What will it take to gain some clarity

East Sea

Our roles reversed

The situation is either a blessing or a curse

Lines feel rehearsed

Like night swaps places with the day

When the moon comes out to play alongside the blue sky whilst the sun is away until darkness comes to claim the prize.

East Sea

Play a melody

Go through the motions

What a commotion

Roles reversed

Torn between a blessing and a curse.

East Sea

It just cannot be

Unless heart lingers on in midst of a flight

Ambitions are false, reactions fabricated, a heart burns in an icy flames’ embrace

East Sea

You started in the summer

Lingered on until you were gone then reappeared again

Restarting the education into a nation, a language, a creation, all through your influence

East Sea

Gazed locked away

Focused on me

Same words uttered

Reactions vary

But the gaze remains the same

Eyes pierce the soul and erase the heart

Forget the answer and found the question

Now set a drift in the east sea

Such is the ironic of a metaphor

You ended up being.

Paper airplanes

Took all the emotions and wrote them down

Folded the page into a paper airplane and threw it out to fly far away

For it to fall straight to the floor

They come and go 

Wherever the air flows and wind blows

Rain or sun or even droplets of snow

Throughout the seasons four

As delicate as paper airplanes

We have decided to play a game 

To see where the path would lead 

Whether it would take heed

Heart was racing once again

Warm air filled the room or at least it seemed to when he arrived out of the blue

Turn the collar up 

The volume is already high 

Concentration up in the air, taken off on a paper airplane

Is the suspense driving the anticipation to breaking point

All we do is discuss for the briefest of moments

A silent situation that feels so compromising.

Like a paper airplane caught in the rain, this feeling will not remain.

Had a thought and put it away 
Then you conjured up another and let it stay
Even when far away 

Somehow the presence remains 

Paper airplanes 

Just for the day before being allowed to flow away, without cause of concern.

Why does it feel like the room is about to burn? 

One moment it’s clear as day the next your mannerisms are chilled as a mid January days 

The mind is at it again 

Paper airplane

Take these thoughts and feelings away 

Don’t need them anyway

But they are here to stay 

Paper airplanes

Perhaps if I were braver 

Perhaps if you were clearer and more open 

This situation could take flight

Instead of lingering on a paper airplane 

Taken us no further than the floor

From summer to fall to winter

Sooner or later we will run out of pages 

And the paper airplanes will be no more. 

Then folded pieces on the floor.

Paper airplanes 

Mind went wondering 

Mind went wondering, opens the door and down the staircase to the hall.

Like a moth following a particular light, disregarding everything else into the blue darkness that cloaked you in curiosity. 

Mind went wondering

Gaze always inclined to the floor or on something invisible and unseen.

Appearing and disappearing like a supernatural thing.

Still the mind continuous to wonder, pondering on a singular thought that spells out your frame and name. 

We ended up out in the unknown, retracing steps until eyes were met in reunion and divisions were banished. 
The sentiments linger in the cold winter mist of confusion 

There goes the mind again, wondering down to the parking lot 
or along the deserted corridor. 

You were the guide and the architect, the master in making, bringing about something breathtaking.

The ground was shaking

Mind continued wondering forsaking reasons

Perhaps it is under the influence of something unseen. 

Thoughts and wishes are expressed unseen yet visible to all. The writing is on the wall. 

But still the mind went wondering down the hall, following your steps as you once did mine. 

Both in beach of conscious restrictions 

 Mind continuous wondering 

Scenarios linger on 

The light grows stronger 

And in the end nothing is left but unspoken words left unseen 

Your gaze always locked away

In the blink of an eye you hesitate to look back, sending the mind rushing to trace your tracks.

Before you disappear once again. 

Mind went in wondering down the hall.

Been here before 

A wish

A taleA desire long to be prevailed

Feels like I have been here before

Let me be the mystery for you to solve

Let your curiosity be ignited by the merest question to trigger enlightenment

Reality is ours to create 

Permit it to be worth the anticipation and expectation

A wish 

A tale

Feels like I have been here before 

To be the answer to your question 

Let it become your profession 

Suddenly requiring a confession 
The little things that trigger the heart 

Set the world to halt just for a moment or two 

Somehow it lingers on the mind

The desire to be a mystery for your investigation 

A rare moment of distraction 

To just listen and have an interaction with you 
A wish 

A tale

It is temporary for sure

As most things are that leave us in awe

One day it will come

A permanent mystery to solve together

Until then it will be brief moments of time with you and me.

Living in our own reality 

Beautiful stranger

Beautiful stranger

Dressed in navy and black

Even on the darkest day and coldest night

You bring the light

Just the sight of you 

And I forget the blues

Troubles on my mind

Wondering how long I have got to cherish what I once took for granted

Gratitude for every second for every little thing 

Even just seeing you

Beautiful strange from summer to winter

Such a sight takes my mind away from all that made it blue

Troubles on the mind put to one side

When the beautiful strange lingers beside me

Grateful I am to you, for taking my blues away by the simplest sight of you 

Navy and blue

The usual routine 

Eyes locked in to your iPhone screen

Looking like something out of a dream

So long and good night

Thank you for being present and insight. 

Beautiful strange you will never know how much of a delight you are. 

Looking like something out of a korean drama and speaking a language so fascinating 

Even though I know only a few words and phrases myself 

The distraction is enough for time to preserve, more than I deserve

Beautiful stranger from heaven on earth.