Exquisite Influence

Let me breath

The unexpected moments that steal away time, frozen, precious and divine

Tell me how this is to be

The jewel that came to be.

A strange mystery I cannot unseen

This exquisite influence to have over me

From a far like the moon alight in the blackest of skies, illuminated by unseen sunlight

Try as I might it’s fruitless to abandon this dream though never to be

The happiness it brings is worth a thousand fleeting moments of you and me.

Silent and unseen

Just let me breath

Let me deceived in this daydream of make believe

Tell me how it is meant to be

That the unexpected moments arise solely to steal the scene

Today was like a dream

This exquisite influence you have over me

From a far as always like the moon and stars bringing beauty to the darkness of a cold night

So long and rest well

You did far more than well in the silent unseen daydream where you always reign as the king

The jewel that came to be the final piece in a crown

Just let me breath

Until the very end, lost in the rarest of moments where reality feels like a dream and you are all that my eyes can see

What have I become

Lost at sea

Just let me breath

Whether you’re next to me or lingering with quizzical eyes of curiosity

Tell me, how do I forget your face

That makes everything feel displaced

Yet of no bother or trouble at all

Lost count the number of times I have dropped things on the floor

Through learning and becoming a better version of me

A thing that was once impossible to believe

Improving and excelling through silent kindness and care

Thus exquisite influence you have over me

Just let me breath

As I linger here in this unknown land

Your face is the only source of familiarity

Your presence a comfort of sublime mystery

Lost at sea

This exquisite influence you have over me

My mentor and teacher in more ways than one

You were everything I didn’t know I was looking for

How quizzical such things come to be

This exquisite influence you have over me

Lost at sea

But I’m glad it’s because of this exquisite influence you have over me.


Questions and answers.

“Always and forever, on the same side, you’ll find me.”

Question arose from years ago

When I was young and without knowledge, wisdom, or experience

Through trail and error, we travelled life’s mysterious path



But once accepted and understood

Out of the blue as surprises usually occur

With nobody to refer to, other then our own sentiments

Questions and answers that never seemed to fit

No matter how much study devoted, nothing ever connected or connoted

To love is a thing debated and wondered

To ponder on a sound or a sight that resembles a reminder

A determiner or a decision, one made without precision

As people come and go with the ebb and flow of life

Fragile and fleeting, lost to hours when should be sleeping

Except in the mind keeps on repeating a familiar question that never gets old

The attempted answers come and go yet none of them match the rhythm or the flow

The perfectionist refused to let it be, until there were no more solutions left to fathom

The answer to this question, often times have lead to being ignored and rejection

For all the faults and failing to the achievements and successes

The up and downs, whether involving frowns or smiles



Questions and answers that lingered on and on

For a sign or a signal, a hint or a suggestion

To end the constant need to answer this one question

In silence through the years, going through confusion and fears

Not to be discussed

Nothing to create a fuss

Until the answer was finally seen

A rare thing, silent and unseen

Quintessential in simplistic beauty

As the sun sets to illuminate the moon

Tides rise and fall

One constant is always you



The answer to the question, made no sense, surely in need of instant rejection

In struggles, ups and down

Whether there be a smile or a frown

No amount of wealth could ever compare

No sacrifice needed, when sides are the same and comprises are made to be completed


One constant remains, after all these years, through diversions and distractions

Every path has always led to you

As unrequited things do

In the end, in silence it shall be, a mutual understanding and one of gratitude

That finally the answer to the question was you.

The search is over

The answer found



It was always going to be you.


In his arms 

In his arms 

A moment will do

No amount of time could remedy this love that lingers for you

Two years gone by without realising how or why did he become the apple of my eye

In his arms 

For the briefest of moments as the world evaporates and nothing is left 

In his arms

Only human after all and unrequited something is a funny thing 

Face to face, eyes linger over mine, question erupt like a dozen fireworks on the 4th of July sky

Call me a sweetheart, watch my heart suddenly stop 

Climb upon of the highest mountain just to find air to breath

It all left the room when he glanced in my direction

Who allowed such a work of artistic perfection 

Nothing could ever compare to that stare

In his arms 

The sounds of sirens and alarms fades to nothingness

In his arms

Just a minute longer 

But the moment is gone

No remedy at hand

Too much to comprehend and demand

In his arms

Life complete 

The rest is obsolete 

Time to abandon and withdraw

Resign and let it go

In his arms in the briefest of moments, and then it’s gone forevermore.

Yet here I sit, filled with his voice and face in my head, keeping me from going to bed. 

In his arms 

Let me be

Don’t need anything else

Not even as the sun starts to rise

Still unable to go to bed

Listen to my heart and it lead me to he, along with the country of origin that made him a noble majesty.

In his arms

No need to raise the alarms 

Abandon ship and let it be 

In his arms 


Looking out the window from the highest floor in the building,

Nighttime lights setting the rain soaked street a gleaming, little puddles are sparking as the reflective light bounces off the in a calming white hue.

Watching the cars and people going on by, keen to stay out of the rain and get dry

It cannot be helped if the sky has decided to have a good cry.

The window makes a good distraction from the indecision ruling heart and head, keeping everything at bay, like it went for a vacation instead.

Fingers tapping on the half filled mug of tea, the aroma and steam adds a calming fuel to an overworked brain, nobody ever said this would be such an energy drain.

Indecision has got some skilful precision in how it dominates and rules, making us distracted to the point we feel like fools.

Looking out of the window, sitting crossed legged on the floor, a blanket as the cushion for my seat, it’s all silent and discrete, minus the traffic outside, a thing that is my city’s pride.

The indecision carries on, ticking away in the mind, flip a coin or pick a card, the options are there, it should not been that hard.

The reflection through the window, gets the curiousity going again, to go with the heart, and let the brain take it easy for a change, but it’s the brain that protects us from our hearts getting in trouble when reason goes out of the window.

In the ways there are only two, and even that seems like too much to handle when it comes to the solution, the answer to question that won’t go away, spending so much time leading the mind astray. 

The raindrops on the window continue to trickle down, reflecting the city lights as they go, at least they know the set direction of their flow.

Heart ruling the brain, and brain ruling the heart, if only someone could take this decision and let the responsibility depart.

All this indecision and the need for clarity mixed with precision.

Yet here I will sit, contemplating which path to take, watching the world go by through the rain soaked window in a temporary bid to escape. 

It’s way past my bedtime 

It’s way past my bedtime

But your smile is keeping me awake 

Shining bright and as warm as the morning sunrise

The way the corners of your mouth curl up and crease 

Exposing big cheeks and setting alight the sparkle in the kindest eyes

Lingering within some sort of surprise 

The possibilities are endless and shall surely result in a demise 

All in this sleepless of night 

And all for one singular prize

It’s way past my bedtime 

still I linger on year after year wishing you would cease and be dismissed

If you weren’t real, merely a character of some wonderous literary creation

Providing the professors with the source material of perfection and true appeal

Time has always been yours to steal, in the blink of an eye and it’s almost one in the morning,

It’s way past my bedtime

The blankets are warming and inviting with the darkness filled with comfortable slumbers

And yet still I lie here and wonder about what is meant to be

Will there be an event involving matrimony to the tune of a pleasant symphony

As the moon lingers in the middle of the ocean, and the dancers on the beach are about to jump in the air, celebrating this event without a worry or care, love after all is a glorious affair

It’s way past my bedtime 

In wide awake reality or in pleasant slumbers the weight of your presence outnumbers the many other things possible to dream

My mind was prestine once, with little or no desire for anything at all

Once it was attempted but it turned out to be a terrible thing and was quickly dismissed, though attempts were made to restart the foolishness, realisation followed too late

But now standards are present and they linger in your very name, setting an example of an impossible dream, foolish to expect or anticipate 

The characters standing atop that cake are nothing more than an illusion, of what will never be given my disposition 

It’s way past my bedtime 

Still your are on my mind

The smile and those eyes, the nature of your ways leaving us all in a haze for several daze

Who permitted you to be this way? When the end result is a deluded happiness without any gains

It’s all part of your irresistible ways

The clock ticks on and on

Heavy lidded eyes and a mind half expecting the sunrise 

It’s way past my bedtime and still I lie here thinking of you

A month or six, even a year could go by, but still my mind thinks on you, and even sees similarities in others, but never again to be seen in you

It’s way past my bedtime 

But your smile keeping me awake… 

Blank Canvas 

“Sometimes something can be so beautiful that the only way to truly express appreciatation for it is to paint it on a blank canvas.” 
Left the coffee too long and now it’s going cold 

The scent is still there though lingering in the air with hours to go

Amongst the books that line the walls and fabrics carpeting the floor

The blank canvas standing upright in nothing but empty whiteness 

Out of politeness or an impulse to express the emotions away with colors, time was lead astray 

I could take the sparkles from the stars, the colors from Jupiter and Mars, questioning the Milky Way on the journey, for a reason or a rhyme, even both would be perfectly fine

I could take all the adjectives in the world to explain the phenomenon that is you, but none of them would do justice to what would adequately describe, enough to take wonder and pride 

The blank canvas is calling for you to reside, every detail highlighted and revealed, impossible to conceal what is commonly felt, a timeless masterpiece on repeat never to deplete

Unearthly wonder giving much to ponder as the coffee gets even more cold and the lamp lights fade with sleepiness, still the canvas needs to be filled and beauty to be preserved

Begin with the brush strokes to and fro, green and gold for the eyes, and a light mellow brown for the skin tone, perhaps a few lines to make up the curious frown 

At this point it was better to have started this whilst sitting down

The face complete and now for the crown of different tones black into brown

Almost complete minus a some extras, all it is worth in the place of perfection

The blank canvas is complete now a colorful masterpiece not because of the painting, oh no,

But for the portrait of the figure who was the true masterpiece all along…

Which way to go…

Remember a day filled with unknown nerves

Those little tingles in the abdomen that would distract us from duties and demands

Like the head of an military base, sending our emotions into a battle whilst looking in the mirror, sharpen decisions swinging to and fro, not knowing which way to go.

They would clash together and the sound was something quite profound, the impact so very loud without even making a sound.

The concrete beneath my feet felt like it was about to disintergrate, each and every breath filled with too much to antispate, and the mind constantly debating between decisions to and fro, not knowing which way to go.

From the front door to the campus halls, only one examination to go, but the mind has already departed, to the playground with the swinging penedulum where decisions reside, going to and fro not knowing which way to go.

Clock stricks five in the afternoon, the darkness of the night is looming over the day, the moon on its’ way.

There is no time to delay, a decision has been made to avoid it all, yet still not knowing which way to go.

From the bus station stop to the platform of a train station or two, miles away from home already, smooth and steady, no time to get ready.

Change stations and reach a cross in the heart of a city escape, the sights and sounds surrounding as the decisions one or two continue to battle to and fro, not knowing which way to go.

The walking turns to running, passed the people and the cars, passed the billboards and the tempting glowing lights, oh what a sight.

Up and down the streets, going to and fro, still not knowing which way to go

Perhaps the decision was best to just not to go, nothing will be missed and it shall all be a lonesome affair filled

Turn away or go through it all the way, to and fro, not knowing which way to go

A glance at the phone that glows with a guiding map and reveals an unexpected sight

Indescision swinging to and fro, knowing exactly which way to go

Steps turn into sprints, through the bustling crowds and revolving doors, not knowing which way to go

Up the stairs, unaware and ill-prepared, a coat trailing on the floor 

It’s all for a good cause that will be worth it all

Grab the door handles and swing them open and closed, the time has come it has been supposed

The room is found but all the lights have gone out, look around but there is only blackness to be found, not a whisper or a sound

Mind is reeling, decisions swinging to and fro, not knowing which way to go
The grab of a hand and sudden motion of turning around, to the only way that could ever be decided, like a breath without end, as you say those three words that make the indecisions all disappear, forgotten because of your whisper of “I am here”.

And finally the time has come to know exactly which way to go.