Beautiful stranger

Beautiful stranger

Dressed in navy and black

Even on the darkest day and coldest night

You bring the light

Just the sight of you

And I forget the blues

Troubles on my mind

Wondering how long I have got to cherish what I once took for granted

Gratitude for every second for every little thing

Even just seeing you

Beautiful strange from summer to winter

Such a sight takes my mind away from all that made it blue

Troubles on the mind put to one side

When the beautiful strange lingers beside me

Grateful I am to you, for taking my blues away by the simplest sight of you

Navy and blue

The usual routine

Eyes locked in to your iPhone screen

Looking like something out of a dream

So long and good night

Thank you for being present and insight.

Beautiful strange you will never know how much of a delight you are.

Looking like something out of a korean drama and speaking a language so fascinating

Even though I know only a few words and phrases myself

The distraction is enough for time to preserve, more than I deserve

Beautiful stranger from heaven on earth.


Bow TieĀ 

In a world where the sun sets only when you command

Profound and real, never with the need to conceal 

Left the heart on the floor after it fell off the sleeve 

No time left to deceive or alibi to retrieve 

The power is within the palm of your hands as they rise in a steady motion

Controlled and filled with devotion 

Bow tie 

Determined and kind, silently restoring faith in the melancholiness of humankind

Enshrined in a casket of light resonates a voice that summons the brightest of daylight

Dressed in a bow tie, no wings are required to make him fly 

To take flight and summon with all his might, through voice alone, conquering and calming

Bow tie to resonate something extra charming, as it captures and restrains all the things that once caused pain 

Outstretched arms with a lion’s roar, determined as ever to leave those hearts on the floor

Close the door, every morsel of he is worthy of being adored with something so strong it may raise the alarms 

Bow tie and a straightened up collar, observing the once grey sights now filled with color 

No words need to be spoken or tokens be exchanged, merely just being present is enough

It was no doubt surmised that the prize would be incomplete, the canvas half finished with the colourings missing, only to be salvaged upon the presence of his voice’s blessing 

Resonating color and light with every note, time is limited in the aim to devote 

Bow tie 

Such a commotion in a sea of endless devotion 

Drunk of some sort of potion of his own creation with full knowledge of the magnitude of the devastation 

All that elation 

Bow tie still part of his presentation of a masterpieces’ perfection 

In the midst of disarray and devastation 

The hallmark of his creation 

Permit me to serve and observe until the very end

Until the hour calls and beckons for the rest of a sleepy head.

Sleepy SlumbersĀ 

Sleepy slumbers as the thunder rumbles – causing the sky to grumble whilst the rain tumbles.What aims to be achieved as tranquility and peace crumbles 

A true reflection of nature’s diverse perfection

Oh to what ends will this affection reign for even in sleepy slumbers the thoughts of you still remain 

Even when you are absent for the longest of times – still I search for you, unaware and unprepared 

To what depths will this journey take

To reach the point where this ache no longer exists

Sleepy slumbers and vivid dreams with you always there, like some temporary remedy laid bare.
Maybe this is all to dictate and educate on the vices and virtues of a romance. 

Forbidden though it may be, and impossible by all means true Maybe this is why my thoughts are constantly of you. 

Your voice to hear in my ear      Your lips I wish to kiss, to rest beside you in silent bliss With nothing but time to dismiss.

Sleepy slumbers with the rain pours down in the wake of the clouds grief
Oh, to sigh with relief, to awake with no memories of you. 

Can It Be Real?

Can it be real if I remain here beneath the darkening embrace of a midnight sky, will the memories be erased and forever set in some fictitious disgrace for sinners to embrace  

Can it be real if I continue to deny, no matter how much time goes by, the sentiments that remain, set to penetrate and drain, whilst in vain I plot and conceal the ways to vanquish what I truly feel

Can it be real if distractions conquer with missions profound that nothing and nobody could prevent their victorious endgame 

Can it be real if you are no longer there to set a path where I cast everything else to fade into darkness unaware without care, because never will you be the one to despair or ponder over actions without a single care

Can it be real if I somehow manage to forget to the point I wonder how and why you caused such a fret of fascination and frustration

In an Elysium of mine resides you the architect eternal and divine, because with you happiness exists, and for this bizarre reason I fail to dismiss these sentiments I hold no matter what has been fortold. But pray and be bold for this story is growing old, because you can never be what I seek and dream for my reality.

Can it be real if I continue to conceal till the point I no longer feel, pretend it was all a ridiculous dream, and finally be at an end this for life’s eternity. 

How can it be?

How can it be that fantasies cease to exist, as though swallowed in an invisible mist, a product of your existence.
Alas, I missed the section of this tale when my resistance would prevail, never to waver or fail.

How can it be even real all that I feel should banish away all luxeries except you, is it to be the act in this web of secret affection? A thing so precious and in need of Protection and any detection. 

How can it be that a single being Such as you, a never to be, that is You and me, should seize the heart  And conduct its’ rhythm to the Melody of a potential sin within. 

How can it be you, a being of pure Delight to set my world alight with The might of a majestic empire Particuarly when this can never be Why will you not break this fantasy and let everything be in Liberty.

How can it be that the only conductor and author of this tale is Me, & indeed the only one capable Of releasing thee from me.