Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans and a sweater

Ain’t nothing more that can make a heart skip quicker

Acceleration and anticipation in the midst of unavoidable precipitation

A single look and it is complete and utter devastation

A figure of perfection at least to my frontal lobe, completely adsorbed

Skinny jeans and a sweater

With jet black hair that should mere blue underneath these lights

Like something out of a fantasy

Lost in the times you have inspired and guided without being aware

I opened my eyes for the first time and caught a glimpse of you

The unprecedented domino effect that was you

Skinny jeans and a sweater

For once eyes linger elsewhere and not locked on a screen

Engrossed in watching your favorite thing

The level of questions is obscene the torrent of answers that linger around you

Lost in the sight, lost in the image that is of you

Dashing from head to toe

I never believed until my eyes caught sight of you

Skinny jeans and a sweater

Silver SUV in the parking lot that you race along the highway making the heart sway

Now I’m searching for a map to find a way out

Yet still end up getting lost in your presence

Out of sight and out of mind

Not even looking and yet you keep appearing

No longer warranting the urge of disappearing

Skinny jeans and a sweater

Or else navy and black with hints of neon green

You’re the greatest masterpiece I have ever seen

Even if your eyes are usually fixed on the screen.


Master of gravity

Lost the way

Kept to the paths

The aftermath futile

Let it linger for a while

Forgive the absence

Lost the way

Saw a smile

Witnessed a glance

Only for a split second

Silently beckoned

The master of gravity arose

In joy or a rare sorrow

Caught up in a quarrel

Only for the longing to grow tomorrow

Recollections feel like profanity

Oh, master of gravity

Tried to stay hidden

Maintain the separation

Yet paths continue to be crossed

At a loss

The aftermath was futile

Master of gravity made the decree

Despite staying away for a while

Lost the way

Caught up in simple presence

Leave it be

Set adrift in a black sea

Master of gravity

Everything has been compromised

Silence could not be sustained

Glances were unconscious and constant

Lost the way

Lead astray by a presence

Caught up in a false pretense

Avoiding became a failure

Master of gravity

Continuously crossing paths

The aftermath was futile

Your gaze fixed out the window in seclusion

Or locked on a screen

Silence reigned supreme

How did it come to be

Master of gravity

Absent was the mind

Lost in your sight

Unable to sleep

Master of gravity plays on the mind

On repeat

Even when time to be sound asleep

Master of gravity lingers on

For the next session to come along

Turn the corner

Turn the corner 

And you are there 

Grey and white 

It is a memorable sight 

Silently without expectation

No time given for anticipation 

I suppose I was lost in thoughts, they were raining down in a haze soft warming light 

Very difficult to detect but the sensation is quite perfect.

Turn the corner 

Live the dream

Day by day 

Unseen and unknown yet they mound and shape the way the days goes by

All as along as you come by

Mimic your footsteps

And the style

After a single glimpse of your smile

Without even knowing it

New habits are born

I could have sworn life was different yesterday

But somehow it has all changed slowly and steady over time

The more that was obverse the more the mind began to preserve 

Not to perturb or obstruct, that would be quite absurd. 

Turn the corner 

And evolution began

All because of the sight of one individual with a appealing nature and manner 

Perculiar how he human brain works in the wake of seeing something pleasing and unknown

Emotional propensities to a level of immense density 

Could this last for an infinite time with equal intensity.

Turn the corner 

Navy and black

Black and white

It’s a curious sight 

One that attracts and inspires

Without realisation or reason

It’s all part of humanity and it’s gift for wonderful creations in the mind

Upon catching sight of something so called “the apple of the eye” beautiful and divine.

Turn the corner

Open the door

It’s a fun adventure that will remain in our memories forevermore 

Turn the corner.


You are like the ocean 

You are like the ocean

The way your mind is open and filled with possibilities, endless and unlimited 

Uninhabited and unrequited, you are like the ocean that sparkles in the midday sun

A drift with a unique gift that sets up the tide to carry me away to wherever your heart desires.

You are like the ocean 

Bringing life and light throughout the day and night 

Connected to the moon that keeps your harmony in check 

That reminds you of the light of your life, perhaps one day your future wife 

You are like the ocean in the way you cause quite a commotion 

With the endless restless swaying and leading astray only to discover that this was were we belonged all along.

You are like the ocean 

I want to swim beneathed a starlit sky watching the twinkling miniature masses of cold dusty light inspire all manner of tales.

There is no beginning or an end when I began to decent to th dark blue depths where all your secrets are kept. 

The moon keeps the gravity in check that sets you to take the ups and the downs of life in your stride, the perfect measure of the tide, maybe destined once day to be your bride.

You are like the ocean 

Taking mind and body away to a place known as home that resides by the sea, the very thing that connects you to me, in this endless existence of mystery.

You are like the ocean 

Beautiful and powerful in every way 

A single look and I am lost for days 

For an eternity I could stay without sorrow or dismay

You are like the ocean, the perfect getaway. 

Can It Be Real?

Can it be real if I remain here beneath the darkening embrace of a midnight sky, will the memories be erased and forever set in some fictitious disgrace for sinners to embrace  

Can it be real if I continue to deny, no matter how much time goes by, the sentiments that remain, set to penetrate and drain, whilst in vain I plot and conceal the ways to vanquish what I truly feel

Can it be real if distractions conquer with missions profound that nothing and nobody could prevent their victorious endgame 

Can it be real if you are no longer there to set a path where I cast everything else to fade into darkness unaware without care, because never will you be the one to despair or ponder over actions without a single care

Can it be real if I somehow manage to forget to the point I wonder how and why you caused such a fret of fascination and frustration

In an Elysium of mine resides you the architect eternal and divine, because with you happiness exists, and for this bizarre reason I fail to dismiss these sentiments I hold no matter what has been fortold. But pray and be bold for this story is growing old, because you can never be what I seek and dream for my reality.

Can it be real if I continue to conceal till the point I no longer feel, pretend it was all a ridiculous dream, and finally be at an end this for life’s eternity. 

Until he emerged out of the blue

Until he emerged out of the blue

No warning, or sign, or the slightest clue

Our first encounter was an incident to spark humorous ridicule

A harmless accident that turned his attention my way

Apologies exchanged with nothing more to disclaim

We carried on our ways, harmless and disengaged


His beauty was a thing of divine rarity

His voice a tone to ignite many emotions whether humour, interest or simple devotion

Oh what a notion, an exaggerated one at that, to believe any such feelings held significance

Never had there been the need to take the stage

To develop a false pretense of indifference

That was until he emerged out of the blue 

The second incident confusion arose

Time had gone by yet still he remembers me and all that there is to see

How could this even be?

Perhaps encounters are too frequent and so I began to avoid he

But still could not contain the curiosity within, for it would not be a sin to know his name

To at least give him an identity and extinguish the fires of mystery, end this interest for eternity.

But no, this was not to be, for the name he possessed, caused a spark of further interest for he

How typical the irony, for his name to be, one I held to the highest favoritism degree

All had been calm until he emerged out of the blue 

Yet I was determined to see it through, for it could not last long

Memorable and charming he continued to be, while the fascinations grew steadily

There was nothing to eliminate, through countless attempts had been tried, through avoidance, forgetting, and measures to confide all traces of feeling

Brief moments of believing they had decayed away,  but only until he emerged out of the blue 

Did I see the levels to which I had been a fool, for all efforts were in vain, and more do I grow tired of this distain

A year has passed by and still it remains, an irresistible condition to which he is the sole fixation

The secret affections exist and remain to this very day, an achievement I never thought possible or true

Until he emerged out of the blue I had no clue that there could be a person as fascinating as he….


A unique character of quintessential beauty

Standing in the sun a figure of majestic beauty

A commander with a heart of gold Where all the memories of him depict a divine kindness never to fade or decay.

For it is he and only he, a unique character of quintessential beauty

An annum or decade may pass by, Yet the enchantments of his serenades will remain

Never to fall into distain or disarray With ease and calm he will command his brigade

Resolve and console through any tragedy

For it is he, a unique character of quintessential beauty

Though he will never see or acknowledge the degree of beautiful harmony his presence possesses                                           

And never will it be confessed or expressed to he

The secrecy will remain eternal and true.

Like he, a unique character of quintessential beauty….