Snow White

Snow White

Found myself caught in the headlights

Surrendering logic and reason

So long as you are near

So long as you are here

Starting the ignition

Searching for permission

Just to fulfil this mission

You’re perfect in imperfect ways

In ways I cannot explain

You’re the antidote to everything I held in vain

Through silence and stillness

Here I remain immersed

Snow White

Standing board and tall

From the strength of shoulders down to the tips of your toes

Why did I have to see it all

The black ink crafted into a shining sun

Eyes like the darkest of nights filled with soulful stars

Wait to the age of cliche, where I am Venus and you are Mars

To say I wish I could stay or find some words to say, or have you approach once more

Instead only memories remain, unconditional and forevermore

The potential was there to be a thing to adore

It’s becoming too obvious

Snow White

Standing board and tall

What would be given to follow your path, to bare your joys and your wrath, the sadness and any pain

To endure it all

Your strength and mystery

All things I wish I could know

Snow White

Tonight I saw a sight so clear

Never before and yet I stood tall

Trying to figure out where you came from and why you continue to linger on

In my mind, always nearby

Until you leave and I am left wondering why, I still cannot get you out of my mind

Snow White

The conductor of this peaceful storm

Board shoulders and dark hair

The trace of a black design resembling the sun’s shine

Perfect in Imperfect ways

Whether dressed in navy and black, head inclined and eyes locked on a screen

Or else lost in thought and reminiscing

Why is it always you I end up missing

Snow White

You’re an unforgettable sight

And thought the moments are long gone, never to become anything more

Still I wish in silence

We could become more

As you once mentioned

That left a curious heart on the floor

Snow White

You’re a delight

A perfect imperfection

Taking breath away even with a single glance in a particular direction.


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