Beautiful stranger

Beautiful stranger

Dressed in navy and black

Even on the darkest day and coldest night

You bring the light

Just the sight of you

And I forget the blues

Troubles on my mind

Wondering how long I have got to cherish what I once took for granted

Gratitude for every second for every little thing

Even just seeing you

Beautiful strange from summer to winter

Such a sight takes my mind away from all that made it blue

Troubles on the mind put to one side

When the beautiful strange lingers beside me

Grateful I am to you, for taking my blues away by the simplest sight of you

Navy and blue

The usual routine

Eyes locked in to your iPhone screen

Looking like something out of a dream

So long and good night

Thank you for being present and insight.

Beautiful strange you will never know how much of a delight you are.

Looking like something out of a korean drama and speaking a language so fascinating

Even though I know only a few words and phrases myself

The distraction is enough for time to preserve, more than I deserve

Beautiful stranger from heaven on earth.


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