The Fall 

I saw the fall before it came 

That feeling that erupts in the tip of the toes and rising up to the brain 

Every sensory neuron working overtime to respond and colletste what couldn’t have been anticipated 

I saw the fall before it came 

The foundations had been set long ago and craved with the signature of your name 

You were the teacher in command yet equality was your philosophy 

It took some time to be reminded of all that had been rejected and neglected, the very thing that aided in life to be perfected, showing me all the things I was too blind to see

It’s no wonder certain symphonies serve as a reminder to everything you were

 Even though as the years go by it all feels like a blur, the old moments or sights trigger a sensory response from neurons to the brain, keeping the memories in places and refreshing the feelings that grow more appealing 

I saw the fall before it became

Even though you linger on somewhere in the clouds during the day and amongst the stars at night, knowing you are there through the single one shining brightest, a twinkle of reassurance and command, to be brave and do all the things to make you proud

I saw the fall before it came

Craved words with purple ink as a reminder and a promise fulfilled, I could be just as brave as you and live to the full.

Travelled to your land, surveyed all that you had claimed so grand, and was reminded of childhood from not so long ago, of a place where it was possible to call home living in solitude without ever being alone.

I saw the fall before it came

Perhaps all the things I do now are in your name, but in reality they are everything I ever wanted but was too afraid to try, always stuck in a position of wishing and wondering why

That all became history on the day you arrived into life, then depart and later retired to another place. 

I saw the fall before it came

Through all the regrets and there are still plenty to create, so many promises unfulfilled, and yet so many achieved, if only you were here to observe and believe

I embraced a hero with a smile like warmth and fire, with eyes of kindness that created a quagmire of emotions only you would understand, kindred spirits from the same nation after all.

I saw the fall before it came 

The battle rages on and often there are time when it seems lost, but not for long, as you once used to teach, to rise and brush away the dusty regrets that made us feel like a mess, and carry on, a new chapter, another chance for there are only so many till it comes to an end and eternal rest and sleep is the final end.

I saw the fall before it came

Now the flight arrives to carry away all the doubts that lingered on before I knew your name

Into the blue, as the moon rises above the ocean, the same devotion reigns

To keep the neurons firing and to keep on surviving, though there will be nobody like you

I saw the fall before it came, and everything shall serve as a reminder to how you made life divine. 


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