Life in black and white 

Life in black and white
No light or brightness in sight 

Delights were rare and excitement minimum to the point of being bare

Little was there to care, only serving to survive, the fragments of hope kept hidden

In fear of discovery and demise

To what surprise did arise upon the sight unexpected and fair

That illuminated the sky with a fiery glow that shone warmth and repair

Life in black and white

Silence ruled and any scrap of happiness taken too far, like a draft of nicotine it sent the senses on a temporary ride away from reality

Fleeting though it felt, it was worth it in the aim to escape and recover from the present 

Life in black and white

Till appeared a simple soul, ordinary to most, but extraordinarily to a few

He arose out of the blue, and seemed to understand what others could not

As those hoped and expected to be equal turned out to be nothing more than evil

Until he appeared, with eyes of gold and green, a voice deep, honest and sublime

A rare jewel of purity divine

Life in black and white 

Then he appeared and drown the planet in color and sound, often with a single notion or motion

He did something profound that quietly astounded and set alight a fire in the torrential rain when warmth and light was not insight

Life in black and white

What he represented and what he prevented

Even in the pouring rain, it made no difference so long as he remained, commanding the land with sound that drowned out the thunderous lightening 

An antidote and a cure to the darkness and colorless world so commonly known

In times of trouble or need he’s there, selfless and true, representing something more than kindness 

Perfection is non existence and never would he be labelled as such

But upon examination in a world filled with melancholy and sorrow, came he and all he represented, that kindness exists and beauty too, with the colours and light that followed wherever he goes

Life in black and white 

A glass is raised, filled to the brim with thanks and praise, lost in that eternal gaze, of a beautiful figure in soul and voice, erasing the darkness and restoring light and joy once more. 

Remember his touch, remember his voice, remember the warmth of he embrace and how it felt like wings preparing the soul to shoot up into the blue and white sky, as the sun shines its’ fiery glow

And the oh so familiar life in black and white was gone forevermore.


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