Inspired that late night craving for adventure 

To explore the open road and go till the land becomes no more

Beckoned by the navy sea waves whispering intriguing mysterious 

What tales of the world do they decree on the quest to liberty 

Don’t take it to heart the gestures that were made, worthy to nobody in particular 

Even though deep down lies a stickler for positivity and success 


Lets go for a stroll

And exhale the emotions till they evaporate without a trace 

Oh for the chance to erase the memory of your embrace that shattered every barrier despite the best efforts to resist and restrain 

An icy heart now heated like a marathon running just before the finish line

Determined and stubborn, filled with fear, surely there must be a way to disappear  

Insert that age old line, how the heart wishes you were mine, not a prince but a king 

No sacrifice too great, no burden too heavy to contemplate, no demand too severe 

Mutual and understanding, on both sides would the parts be played, with you coming to my aid

Through it all lies a soul built to persevere without the necessity of fear 

It is non-existent when the sweetheart is near 

Down the cobbled street or along the grass cover field far from the prying eyes of reality 

Instead I raced down the steps and collapsed on the stone floor, till a bystander came to ask if all was well

How did I reply? Oh, it is fine, the clock struck the hour and I had go.

Attention was never one that drew much affection or desire, better to linger in the shadows 

Private and reserved, making sure nobody is perturbed or disturbed

But the mere notion of that seems obsurd as the daydreams and prayers go on unheard 

The opportunity past, the moment never permanent to last, with the eyes of all upon thee

The will and want for the audience to depart

What say you, Sweetheart, sparking eyes of gold and green, from a land deemed tooregal to be real 

How many nighttime drives and strolls will it take to forget and disengage from the memories I am too weak to let go

To immerse in the navy blue sea with waves whispering tales of mystery

If only it was possible to see what the future held in store for thee

All this is temporary and will reach its’ conclusion soon

Call me a sweetheart, I’ll say the same of you but never to your face or in a place where you can hear

Ruled as always by fear and the endless need to disappear 

The thrill that lingers in fading away, and never have you know what is truly felt 

To be erased into the night until the memories of you are vanquished from mind and sight

If only it were that simple to lead a heart astray as mine has been many years by good graces and chance 

Sweetheart, just call it a day, pronounce the illusion deceased and long gone 

The night has arrived and the adventure has begun, for how long am I suppose to run

Until the road ends after going around every single bend 

Travel the navy blue sea till out of trace or sight 

Bidding the old life a joyous so long and goodnight 

Caught up in a sweetheart’s embrace and now it’s time for myself to be a peace 

In a place unknown 

To exterminate and recreate my heart and soul anew once more. 



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