Living in a bubble

Living in a bubble of desires and solidarity

Drink from the cup of ambition and prosperity

Whilst living in a bubble of normality within lingers wrath and sorrow of foregone past traumas

Living in a bubble, stirring within is the turmoil and trouble, whether the path is right and satisfactory to fulfill the void within that causes calamity

Living in a bubble, keeping out of trouble yet it circles all around, silent and profound without compassion for the consequences or intentions, all for this quest of perfection and peace.

Living  in a bubble with a open heart boarded with thorns, a sharpened tongue and a mentality fit to create more repose.

Living in a bubble

Slumbering to be set free, lost in ideas that hold no profit, solely to idle away the time with creativity

Living in a bubble

Fall in affection with a master of supremacy, the dark macabre of unified serenity

Living in a bubble

Fighting the stirring embers of troubles

Living in a bubble and awaiting the moment to arise and be free, answer that question of whether this one secret wish is meant to be, liberty and restriction, a beautiful predicament.

Living in a bubble, longing to be free, one eye fixed on ambition whilst the other gazes at the unknown figure steeped in confident beauty and all the things impatience deems will never become a reality.

Living in a bubble

Sleepless nights and endless cup to increase the thirst

Drinking from ambition and dreams laced with solidarity

Broken inside and conflicted within, engaged in a dance of an unhealthy alliance

Living in a bubble, staying out of trouble whilst conflict reigns in the mind, engrossed in lazy luxuries that spare us from defining needs and desires unfulfilled, how much time is there left to kill

Living in a bubble

One eye on ambition and the other of falling for a fairytale life when the heart commands what makes the perfect reality.




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