Under suspicion

Under the weight of ambition

Under the motivation and desire for it to come into fruition 

Under the majesty of expectation and acknowledgement unfulfilled 

Under the burden of limited time, so much to kill for that momentary thrill

Under apprehension and nervous suspicion, eye lids growing heavy by hopes and expectations of dreams unseen, unfulfilled, yet waiting to cause thrills

Under the spell of twinkling amber and hazel, ready for demise and appraisal, less than three hours till the sun rises to electrify and mystify, disbelief and fears pour for the ones we care for and adore,  keeping the slumbers at bay, making it for another tired and sleepless conclusion to a week of confusion.

Under pressure and need of expression, the latest fancy of a meaningless devotion, constant negotiations and indicision, all in the wake of detail and precision. 

Under the moonless sky set alight by street lights from cities far beyond the naked eye, a compromise to be set before the eventual regret sets in

Under the weight of a descending anchor cast far out in the sea of thoughts, constantly feeling the need to conjure up some report to change the mood or pave the way for new feelings to resurface from where they were kept at bay

Under the dismay and heavy price set to pay as the clock ticks off the minutes faster and faster in a percular way.

Under and going all the way, until the cure is achieved and the fears kept at bay, isolation and apprehension kept away, before something else crops up to lead us astray. 


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