Flying High

Flying high 

On the road we go 

Wind picking up that tempo

Going with the flow and finding new ways to entertain until the destination is reach

Stopping to watch the sunset on the beach

Flying high as we watch the open and liberal sky no matter where the clouds will be, even if it all of this is temporary

It’s​ a real mystery as we are still unable to decipher the coordinates to meet destiny’s demands

 Flying high

Encounter a stranger inspiring a lot of suspicious, could it paranoia or intuition dictating terms to me

The stranger offers a souvenir and casually takes his leave, leaving us wondering what he has hidden up his sleeve.

Flying high 

No consequences required for the agenda to commence, on this journey of liberty, the destination is set and yet unknown to all lies the end result filled with future regrets.

Flying high

Spying at the corner of the eye, expecting to see the suspension stranger dressed in an outfit far from usual normality, what is the need for the formality.

Flying high, getting dressed up to be lead astray in the course of destiny, why is it always the ones with resentment and distain following them around causing a pain.

Flying high

Away on the road we go, on the path to secure what fate has decreed, but the price is heavily and every turn holds a new surprise.

Flying high, be careful of the strange with the hair a colour of royal monarchy 

All is not what it seems, with an identity changed and the positions rearranged, bringing into question all that was suppose to be 

Flying high, keeping close by the deep blue sea

Steady as they go, secretly aiming to be a hero and solve the fates surrounding for what feels like an eternity

Flying high

Playing the hero

Never letting go 

That stranger keeps up in the distance, unbeknownst to us on this journey that we go.

Flying high

Getting carried away 

Priorities all adrift at sea, whilst we let the open road do whatever has been decreed

Tailed by that stranger with the royal style and hair the colors of a regal monarchy all the while 

Flying high

Touch the sky, living until the day comes to say goodbye

From the open road to the spacious sea

On this journey do we go to fulfill the demands of a secret decree, littered with sacrifice and superiority, watched all the while by the stranger in his long coat of mystery

Flying high

Until the day comes to bow out and resign, fulfill the prophecy in the hallmark of the regal demands 

Only to discover that the stranger constantly following was responsible for all that has come to be

Flying high 

Whether to live or die, the victor will always be he, the suspicious stranger with a regal air of pure danger 

Flying high

So long and goodnight, high time to conclude and let the rest be. 


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