It came without warning

It came without a warning

It came without a sound

It had an impact to suit it’s secret agenda

Astonishing and profound

All that I could have ever demanded

Confounded in this state, such a tease, drenched in mystery with a charasmatic aid as freeing as a summer breeze. 

It came without a warning

If only the traffic lights had stayed on red for a few seconds longer

Prolonged the inevitable, these metaphors are becoming predictable 

The secret seduction to which all will have to surrender

Standing in the center of the sitting room floor as the sirens rise and fall, echos bouncing off the neighbourhood walls

It came without a sign or signal, but then again there aren’t many things capable of predicting, and now the clock in the tower will not stop ringing, carried away in the dawning light of a new day.

It came without a warning, going from door to door, rallying the faithful as if there was something worth fighting for. 

It came without a mention, have we entered a new realm or dimension, has everything been turned upside down and inside out.

No source of a cure and little hope of prevention 

It came without warning 

Silence filled the night air, as the winter winds of April commanded the clouds to reign with superiority and little to care. 

The masquerade of spring revealed that summer was never really there, though a new month is around the corner

So debonair with a ease of this affair, it came without a warning, but that does not make it unfair

Throughout the years and time on Earth, existing day by day, one thing has always gone astray in terms of realising that often control is not the key, and whatever we desire cannot be forced or dictated, not matter how much it is antisipated.

It came without a warning as the new moon rose, shining light into the darkness and balances the positives and negatives in equilibrium’s delight.

It came without a warning 

That shining guide taking the form of whatever it is we have been seeking without knowing it is the single object of beautiful serenity

It came without a warning 

A remarkable sign that gives rise to a new month and new prosperity dawning. 


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