A thousand nights

Voice like thunder and piercing eyes as sharp and bright as lightening, eloquent and enticing with all the elements to invite. 
Tread with caution, a warning or simply a notion, in the world of mudane and distain, where is the harm in diverting way from the norm, whilst making sure never to be lead astray.

A thousand nights go by, and time continues to remain on our side, taking much pride in reclaiming what has been denied.

Turn the ignition and commence on this mission, whether through the sunrise or sunset, impatience holds firm in their grasp, a majestic little farse.

A thousand nights go on by, assignments are due in soon, yet the mind is engrossed by the storm that is you, all dark clouds and metaphors with mysterious methods leaving many breathless with curious.

Alas, the deadlines are approaching with feriousity, all part of the monopoly. A thousand nights go by, written words are lost and familiarity becomes a thing of the past, dominating and dicatating, all the while antisipating.

A thousand nights and still I wonder if the longing will change, amber eyes dedicated on these distractions, awaiting for the time the confessions commense.

A thousand nights, the storm that was you rages on, with a voice like thunder and eyes electric and bright. The thief of time and commitments divine, all for that one shared purpose of staying in life.

A thousand nights and still not complete, discovered the secret to make this phase complete. The incident obsolete and rise to the occasion, bowing to the masters of defeat.

There goes with the tilting of the hat, an acknowledgement that it is time to retire, and leave behind those distractions in the fire. 

 thousand nights have gone by, deadlines reached and examinations passed, now at last is the time to sleep and surrender to the dreams where you reside and make everything complete.


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