It is a phenomenon unseen yet with an influence accurate and prestine, secret foundations hiding in wait to come clean, reveal the inner workings of its mysteries.


Binding and protecting, no need for perfecting. In times of aid or in need of advice, the route is one way, come to me but never the other way, for that’s the beauty of the inequality of this arrangement.


Action and reaction, all in the quest to gain satisfaction, how much will it take to summon a distraction.

Gravity, the would be story of you and me, if I was able to find the ways to be set free, locked inside these dreams and being at war with reality, ask for a symbol or a sign as part of a request, expecting someone else to fulfill what it is life I miss.

Gravity, eyelids are heavy with the need to sleep, the flight and a dozen thoughts keeping the mind alight in the darkness of a cold April night. 

Gravity, what will it take to summon you to me, or perhaps the reality was it just isn’t meant to be.

Gravity, one day will be my saviour and the fears will be put away, all so the dreams can become permanent and you eventually find your way.

Gravity, fall down to what fate has decreed, hand in hand, vanquish the doubts in a blaze of quintessential beauty and bargain. 

Gravity, in the meantime I’ll remain lost in mudane reality, trying to be interesting to others, but really no effort should remain if it is meant to be


You are the chancellor of a heart, guided by the secrecy of your royal ancestry.

Gravity, as simply as you and me, wherever it is you might be.


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