Count the stars

Count the stars in the sky, get the brightest ones catching the eye, got a secret to share and a prize to cause a great demise, it is all part of the surprise.

Count the stars whilst walking around outside even though meant to be in bed, this is the last that, familiar words heard but never obeyed. Can’t blame the mind for being lead astray.

Count the stars, it’s time to play, swaying to a memorable song, and getting lost in an age old thrill, it’s past three and still got time to kill​.

Count the stars, think about how far it is to Mars, the God of Mars, always getting me whilst sitting on the floor – mind over matter, heart over brain. The overthinking is a true danger they say, easy lead us to a path of decay.

Count the stars, ignoring the fact they serve as a reminder to the aforementioned you know who, always turning up in the out of the blue. It will probably be ten years on and still the thoughts will be on you know who.

Count the stars, why are the thrills always coming out at night, the sound of sirens and the murmuring roar of airplanes up high in the sky. 

Count the stars, daydream about Jupiter and Mars, ask questions, make requests hoping all will be for the best. 

Count the stars, one two three, going on as far as the eyes can see, whatever will be will be. The main aim here will always follow the same decree and that is to be completely free.

Count the stars, fall back and lost the way as exhaustion takes over, calling it an end for the day, and let the subconscious come and play, counting the stars along the way.


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