Across the ocean

Across the ocean to a corner known to only a few, as familiar footsteps walk on the cobbled streets in the twilight of the ending day.

With nothing more to do or say, as the sun starts to fade away across the ocean as far as the eye can see.

Remembering the nights sitting on blankets in the glowing embers of a sleepy bonfire’s light, sipping tea from chipped cups, clasped tightly by chilly hands, doing whatever the impulse commands. Keeping an eye across the ocean, in an act of expectant devotion.

Moon and stars are wide awake, all the eyes and senses want to do is take a break, let the dreams carry the conscious away, keep those nighttime thoughts at bay, across the ocean and out of sight, trying as hard as stubbornness might.

The aim is the same no matter what the game, protect the heart and never let the fences crumble or depart. The brain always in command, keeping the barriers in the way, serve as the best protection, even in the wake of a symbol of romantic perfection. Music plays with the aim to distract as a matter of denial’s fact.

Across the ocean, an unexpected promotion to arise, conquering​ and claiming the prize, going to end up seeing the sun rise.

The memories drawing in as the waves crash against the beach, rising and falling, whispering all along the way. It’s a calming paradise this way, across the ocean and far away, as the low hanging palm trees sway.

Still sitting here, clasping the chipped cup of cooling tea, firelight keeping up in good company, the music is playing a familiar symphony. Eyes fixed across the ocean in silent signal of liberty, in the why life’s only ambitions was meant to be.

Across the ocean, far away, a figure sits by the seafront, awaiting the final piece that would make the symphony complete.


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