Late was the hour

Late was the hour 

But still it felt like there was more time to be devoured

Maybe it’s the flow of the pearly white moon sat far far away surrounded by a cluster of stars that leads thoughts astray and keeps the need to sleep at bay

Late was the hour

Sitting by the bed instead of climbing into it instead, still so much to be said to nobody in particular, ideas and ambitions are here though so have no fear, best write them down before they disappear

Late was the hour

It’s almost three, yet the heart and mind are playing a game to decide the best method of being in command

Late was the hour

If only time could be froze and saviored, the smallest of requests and the harmless of favours – if only to succeed in what would make this existence partially complete, then there would be no need for a tomorrow with the same late night thoughts constantly on repeat, keeping from a peaceful sleep.

Late was the hour…


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