Take my hand

Dressed in black with a hint of gold

Eyes sparkling with stories and wonderous adventures waiting patiently to be told

Take my hand as you would say

Let the wind and fresh ocean air eliminate all concerns to evaporate into the atmosphere

All is well as long as you are here

Take my hand

Walk together on the seafront, watching the waves carve a path through the sand and stones, in and out with a calming melody

Take my hand, embrace spring, a quintessential prelude to summer’s symphony

Take my hand, wishes at each others command, even when uncertainty and silence was all around, your​ presence grew evermore profound

Take my hand, walk and talk till the sunsets, and as the night like the tide began coming in, a fire was lit and warmth would engulf where we sat, drinks were on stand by as was food, whatever looked good and caught the eyes 

Take my hand, dance around and around to the command of a guitar’s sound, jump in the air, breath in the night and embrace the moment while it’s there, a rare opportunity to embrace liberty without a care.

Take my hand as the party starts to tire and only the glowing embers of the fire remain, soon the sun will rise and bring us to our feet

Take my hand, as you would say, and sing a song by the ocean and let our daydreams lead the way, keep the thinking for nighttime

Take my hand and enjoy whatever temporary peace may be found…


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