You are the door that never seems to close, only to be left agar, letting in the draft and noises from afar.

You are the silence that lingers without purpose or cause, as though waiting for a round of applause.

You are the dark shadow that forms in the shade and refuge from the bright sunlight. A counter measures to maintain equilibrium during the weather’s war.

You are the question without an answer, the mastermind of distractions, insecurity and mystery are all part of your legacy.

You are the storm that gathers without warning, sending torrential changes from the grey and black of Earth’s ceiling. 

You reveal everything yet conceal all, known to many, but a stranger to all.

You are the red sky at night that assures of a promising morning, of prosperity and success, but I digress,that is up to you to confess.

You are the warmth of a blanket once the exhaustion has settled in, making us abandon all projects and give in, even if it means that once hot cup of tea goes cold.

You are the ghost that haunts in the mind, at times tiresome and other times making us want it to be eternal and never benign.

You are the secret that is so poorly kept

You bring out the truth in people without their realising it, good or bad, sane or mad, all at your command, with your profound eyes so very melancholy at times.

You are the reckless behaviour that ends up becoming an unseen saviour

You are the architect and the designer, of fantasies growing ever more divine

You are the room that welcomes us home, but beckons attention and restoration 

You are the light that aid us to see with calm security in the dead of night, even when the street lights have called it a night.

You are the piano keys that bring about daydreams in simple melodies

You are a prison of freedom, raising standards to impossible heights.

You are the uniquely common yet oddly kind in how you acknowledge and ignore in the midst of falsehood calms of worship and adoration, you know the truth is far beyond a recreational activity.

You are the door that never seems to be closed

You are the silence that lingers as though waiting applause

You are easy to read yet difficult in looks

You are a mystery that requires some unearthly decree to be set free

You are the calm sea before the storm begins and triggers uncertainties.

You are everything to admire and all to be ignored.

You are a wonder and a dream, always to be heard but never to be truly seen.


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