A Question

Here is a question many have failed to acknowledge or mention

Like some bizarre thirst that can never be quenched not for want of attention or sudden apprehension.

It lingers on the mind, distracting us from everything and all.

It dominates and dictates, the hours that we sleep, the times we spend lying a wake watching the sun set and rise

Still, this question lingers and commands, ruling the head and making all sorts of demands. We forge through the day, try as hard as we might to keep the emotions at bay.

A question to create turmoil, even though there is nothing left to unfoil, in reality everything is fine and well, except for those moments we decide to rebel

To be happy feels selfish and wrong, as though the cause or source of it leads to revolt and silence for those we thought of as friends. Ask for forgiveness but then once again that question comes back, will it ever end.

A question with an answer, somewhere for us to see, while we search and hunt the days away, ending up always with a forgotten cold cup of tea or coffee, either will do

A question needs caffeine to stimulate the brain, get the cogs turning, or else everything will seem mundane

Oh for a draft of slumbering remedy to last a day or two, to bring about a forgotfullness that would make the question null and void

Until then there is nothing to be done, so sit or lie down and contemplate the reason and answer behind why this question continues to cause such debate.


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