Run, it’s an escape and an adventure at the same time, giving us the freedom to contemplate matters in good time.
Run, towards the setting sun, sky turning pink and orange with a hint of baby blue, spring breeze setting the blossom filled trees into a secretive dance, whispering from branch to branch.
Run, took a risk and put a random playlist on, it’s all going to plan, each footstep syncing with the beat, going on and on along the hard concrete. 
Run, let it all out, with every breath and step taken, the heart racing on to get to that finish line, not sure where it is, but we will get there in time.
Run, away from the thoughts of you on my mind, till that song of yours comes on and I need a minute or two on the floor, rude is the person to cause such a distraction with so much satisfaction.
Run, get the adrenaline going, like a temporary feeling of happiness, similar to when an unfortunate moment happens when I have to rest my eyes on you, with your confusing eye color. Is it green, hazel or brown, why does it even matter to begin with? Just an excuse for the mind to stay on you.
Run, all the ingredients are here, the path is ready and vision crystal clear, water on standby nicely chilled, or at least when we get to the destination wherever it goes. 
Run, it’s the solution to everything I do, clear the mind even if it takes a few hours, or at least until the sun sets and street lights take over to guide the way, back home and to those thoughts that lead me astray 
Run, if only it was possible to make to another place entirely, and move on the very next day 

Run, it’s a mini vacation for when demands of reality get to heavy to take.


Run all the way, as far as it is possible to go, before the sun decides to call it a day.


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