Street lights always keeping me awake 
Sirens in the distance going the extra mile to answer urgent calls
What is it about the night that enthralls? 
Ideas ignite and plans begin to take flight 
Out sight but always seen like the beginnings of an exquisite dream
Soon it will reign supreme and aid to redeem the hours lost in sleep deprivation 
Tossing and turning the ideas away, trying to keep the glare of the street lamps at bay
Early nights are a thing of the past as the light of dawn beckons us into delayed slumbers come what may
Got lost in a debate within the head with some much to do and not enough said
Why can I not just go to bed
Is the night here to beckon poetry and art
A means to get the brain to depart from reality 
Even thoughts of the future feels like profanity 
Perhaps it was too much caffeine 
But there is no antidote to be seen 
Really should be in bed

Instead of looking out the window, expecting a magic carpet to appear and take me and my thoughts away instead. 


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