Time is ours to decay 

Been on too many rollercoaster and became dizzy

Maybe it is just like the affect this warm weather has on me

Impulsive nature getting the better of the day

Under the blue sky and golden sun, diving into the ocean from a top the cliff

Ships sailing away from the rocky bay, tempted to call one back and let it lead the way

Time is ours to decay, at least for a moment or two 

Playing throughout the day with an imagination fit to overflow 

Still waiting for you to give me a reason to left go 

Getting tired of the anticipation just for that one single moment that results in total devastation 

A single smile should do the trick, the scene is set, it is perfect

Poetry and art, mixed with a hint of spice and musical delights

An expert that knew which way the wind blew, and how to ignite the fires

Everything was better your way, especially because time is ours to decay.

Come led my mind and priorities astray, come what may

It’s all part of the culture, to daze and engrossed in simple beauties never to be motive before

Gosh darn it, sir, I am on the floor 

Guess I will stay here for a while

Time is ours to decay after all

Watching the ocean waves crash on the rocks

Floating in the tranquil blue on this sunny afternoon, distracting myself isn’t going well

Count the clouds in the sky, watch those birds flying high, and then remember hearing you sing about how you feel, one of those songs you had on repeat, singing along to make to serenity complete 

Nobody could ever compete with you, though there have been one or two having tried, but never to catch the eye

Will there ever be a time when you won’t be on the mind, too many years, sir

It’s time for those bridges to be burned and forgotten 

In this day and age, time is not ours to decay, no matter how much we wanted it to be that way

Still I will wait, whether whilst swimming in an ocean pure and blue, or whilst walking the streets unconsciously thinking about you, wondering a dozen things at a time, everything but what should actually be on my mind

Time is ours to decay 

I’m grateful to have met you though, for you make this life better, home or away.

Time is ours to decay, especially when we live life your way…



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