Eluding slumbers beneath the stars

To dwell on the ruling of Mars within the thoughts

There is not much time left to deport and devote 

The engine begins to to fill the silence as the wheels rumble along the open highway road

Going wherever the heart has foretold

Could try for hours lost in silence and thoughts, doing whatever distracts the most

The warmth of the heater counters the coolness​ of the open window, as the road lights shine bring, guiding the way 

Only a temporary distraction to keep obligation at bay 

Just eluding slumbers beneath the stars by driving further away from the memories of afar

The daydreams remain though, taking me away from reality and the commands of the day 

Just driving far along the open road, keeping memories at bay 

It is strange to have not seen or heard from you for a whole as though it is a unusual thing of absence

Drive away, far away, could pretend you didn’t exist but that’s hardly a mature way

The open road quiet and calm, soon will come the sunrise answering the morning alarm

Driving all the way till there is no more road to cover, lost in the silence as daydreams of that figure to cause so much bother.

Those distracting eyes and endless curls of hair, kindly get out of my head, it is the sole reason for my absence from a warm sleepy​ bed

Just driving on the road instead, with a song now stuck in my head

It is tiresome and old, speaking of the same things to generate a prose, whilst driving a long the open road 

Drive away to a destination unknown.


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