Looking out the window from the highest floor in the building,

Nighttime lights setting the rain soaked street a gleaming, little puddles are sparking as the reflective light bounces off the in a calming white hue.

Watching the cars and people going on by, keen to stay out of the rain and get dry

It cannot be helped if the sky has decided to have a good cry.

The window makes a good distraction from the indecision ruling heart and head, keeping everything at bay, like it went for a vacation instead.

Fingers tapping on the half filled mug of tea, the aroma and steam adds a calming fuel to an overworked brain, nobody ever said this would be such an energy drain.

Indecision has got some skilful precision in how it dominates and rules, making us distracted to the point we feel like fools.

Looking out of the window, sitting crossed legged on the floor, a blanket as the cushion for my seat, it’s all silent and discrete, minus the traffic outside, a thing that is my city’s pride.

The indecision carries on, ticking away in the mind, flip a coin or pick a card, the options are there, it should not been that hard.

The reflection through the window, gets the curiousity going again, to go with the heart, and let the brain take it easy for a change, but it’s the brain that protects us from our hearts getting in trouble when reason goes out of the window.

In the ways there are only two, and even that seems like too much to handle when it comes to the solution, the answer to question that won’t go away, spending so much time leading the mind astray. 

The raindrops on the window continue to trickle down, reflecting the city lights as they go, at least they know the set direction of their flow.

Heart ruling the brain, and brain ruling the heart, if only someone could take this decision and let the responsibility depart.

All this indecision and the need for clarity mixed with precision.

Yet here I will sit, contemplating which path to take, watching the world go by through the rain soaked window in a temporary bid to escape. 


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