Black and White 

Written in black and white, simply to read and difficult to write, musing over a time that could have been different if it had not been for a string of events that led me to you.

In black and white, plain and simple, when my mind was set adrift far out of the security of the shore, with only the waves as a guide, 

Going with the ever growing tide, a solitary place where secrets could be confided without shame or blame.

Too much taken for granted, everything that was precious and rare, seeking something more liberating,

To be unbound from these chains and commands, but all along being completely foolish and wrong until you came along.

Black and white, as the stars litter the darkening sky in the middle of the night, another month drawing to a close with no rest or repose, all because of you I suppose. 

I wished away in fear of pride, and the fact that never could there have been anything more, 

I’ll just mention how another who reminds me of you brings me down to the floor in wonder and awe. It’s a good diversion after all.

Once upon a time, when distractions were not an issue and my cups of tea didn’t go forgotten and cold due to the sight of you. Black and white words written in the midst of trying to dismiss, but all that occurs is a lot of reminissing. 

Outside with music on in full, every note might as well be a melody about you, every lyric a reminder of the little things you use to do. 

Black and white, when times were mundane as I travelled across the sea to bid farewell to a kind and decent soul, 

Never in life did I except to return and discover you. The signswere always there, in black and white, only to be realised too late, 

And now the mind is set adrift with the thoughts of you.

In the corner in another land lingers another, who claims to hold sentiments correlating to those I believe I had for you. 

Discussion on a regular basis should warm me to the idea

But the stubborn mind has been set adrift because of another a once knew, in black and white the words spell out associations with you

That land to which you hail and worship something majestic and grand, a credit to the charasmatic charms bestowed upon someone I once knew.

Black and white, whether in the day or during the night, there will always be thoughts of you, Try as hard as I might to keep them out of sight.


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