It’s way past my bedtime 

It’s way past my bedtime

But your smile is keeping me awake 

Shining bright and as warm as the morning sunrise

The way the corners of your mouth curl up and crease 

Exposing big cheeks and setting alight the sparkle in the kindest eyes

Lingering within some sort of surprise 

The possibilities are endless and shall surely result in a demise 

All in this sleepless of night 

And all for one singular prize

It’s way past my bedtime 

still I linger on year after year wishing you would cease and be dismissed

If you weren’t real, merely a character of some wonderous literary creation

Providing the professors with the source material of perfection and true appeal

Time has always been yours to steal, in the blink of an eye and it’s almost one in the morning,

It’s way past my bedtime

The blankets are warming and inviting with the darkness filled with comfortable slumbers

And yet still I lie here and wonder about what is meant to be

Will there be an event involving matrimony to the tune of a pleasant symphony

As the moon lingers in the middle of the ocean, and the dancers on the beach are about to jump in the air, celebrating this event without a worry or care, love after all is a glorious affair

It’s way past my bedtime 

In wide awake reality or in pleasant slumbers the weight of your presence outnumbers the many other things possible to dream

My mind was prestine once, with little or no desire for anything at all

Once it was attempted but it turned out to be a terrible thing and was quickly dismissed, though attempts were made to restart the foolishness, realisation followed too late

But now standards are present and they linger in your very name, setting an example of an impossible dream, foolish to expect or anticipate 

The characters standing atop that cake are nothing more than an illusion, of what will never be given my disposition 

It’s way past my bedtime 

Still your are on my mind

The smile and those eyes, the nature of your ways leaving us all in a haze for several daze

Who permitted you to be this way? When the end result is a deluded happiness without any gains

It’s all part of your irresistible ways

The clock ticks on and on

Heavy lidded eyes and a mind half expecting the sunrise 

It’s way past my bedtime and still I lie here thinking of you

A month or six, even a year could go by, but still my mind thinks on you, and even sees similarities in others, but never again to be seen in you

It’s way past my bedtime 

But your smile keeping me awake… 


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