Piano Keys 

The piano keys are alive with a melody that thrives in the middle of the night 

Left the window open to let in an icy breeze, the hallmarks of springs’ summer toned deceit 

Nothing is ever concrete, like the decisions lying in wait beneath my feet

Filling up the senses with false pretences 

Lost in an imagination again where recklessness rules, like the fact it is past two in the morning

Yet still the mind is twirling in deep contemplation 

The piano keys are alive with the tempo of the hour, preparing a symphony to devour

Down fall the petals of an indecisive flower

Every note tells a tale of woe and disappointment 

Easy to avoid and yet curiousity continues to rule 

Too preoccupied to see the truth 

Faster the piano keys are played in an attempt to make time delayed 

This may lead to ruin of an admiration 

Of utter devastation by my own creation 

But oh the intoxicating anticipation lingers on

All with the single sighting of you 

Waltzing around the hall in the midst of a song 

Where the piano keys rule and dominate 

Determined to create excitement and ruin

Decisions to be made, a debt to be repaid 

The ingredients are here to be served but still the reservation lingers

As time goes by sending us through the late hour of the night 

Back in the room in the darkness all alone 

Cold breeze stirs the curtains to sway in the symphony of spring

The piano keys continue to be played 

Begging the question is it really worth the price to be paid 

All because you made us sway 

Time is not to be delayed

As the piano keys continue to be played 

Give me a sign good Lord that this is not a scheme to which we are being played

Let the piano keys cease and be dismissed before it becomes too real to conceal what is true when we feel…


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