Swimming Pool

I could throw myself into a swimming pool for fun
For the way you like to play and lead priorities astray
Yet somehow I always manage to get grades the equivalent of As.
Maybe the University knows and wants to keep my fears of failure at bay
Past memories of accidental mistakes the equivalent to Marie Antionette eating too much cake.
Any reminder and the haze returns, anger and scorn, best left outside the door
I could throw myself into a swimming pool just to get away and let the water be a distraction
Just to stay a float or revolt and start to swim down to the depths below, bouncing off the floor to the surface to and fro, so much to let go
Cup the water in my hands as each the droplets pour way like grains of sand
I would be lying if I said I didn’t love everything you do.
But never would I admit such things to you
Staying up too late, wake away and with so much to contemplate 
It is way past my bedtime and yet on the debate goes 
About the riddles and the prose
To fill the pages and last through the ages
Till completely immersed and overflowing
Like a swimming pool left to fill without anyone knowing
It is all very overwhelming 
Clock about to strike three am and yet here I am again
It’s all so quiet minus the cars outside, driving too fast around the bends
The moonlight creeping in through the window
Thoughts are immersed for thoughts of you 
Pages yet to be prepared 
The swimming pool of emotions filled to the brim
”Tis a pity I keep forgetting to how to swim 
Just doing things on a whim
Edging on the lines with a sin
The time will soon come when I will have to let you in 
But until then I will carry on
In this swimming pool just for fun
Until everything comes undone. 


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