Blank Canvas 

“Sometimes something can be so beautiful that the only way to truly express appreciatation for it is to paint it on a blank canvas.” 
Left the coffee too long and now it’s going cold 

The scent is still there though lingering in the air with hours to go

Amongst the books that line the walls and fabrics carpeting the floor

The blank canvas standing upright in nothing but empty whiteness 

Out of politeness or an impulse to express the emotions away with colors, time was lead astray 

I could take the sparkles from the stars, the colors from Jupiter and Mars, questioning the Milky Way on the journey, for a reason or a rhyme, even both would be perfectly fine

I could take all the adjectives in the world to explain the phenomenon that is you, but none of them would do justice to what would adequately describe, enough to take wonder and pride 

The blank canvas is calling for you to reside, every detail highlighted and revealed, impossible to conceal what is commonly felt, a timeless masterpiece on repeat never to deplete

Unearthly wonder giving much to ponder as the coffee gets even more cold and the lamp lights fade with sleepiness, still the canvas needs to be filled and beauty to be preserved

Begin with the brush strokes to and fro, green and gold for the eyes, and a light mellow brown for the skin tone, perhaps a few lines to make up the curious frown 

At this point it was better to have started this whilst sitting down

The face complete and now for the crown of different tones black into brown

Almost complete minus a some extras, all it is worth in the place of perfection

The blank canvas is complete now a colorful masterpiece not because of the painting, oh no,

But for the portrait of the figure who was the true masterpiece all along…


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