Mini moments 

Remembering those mini moments in the childhood 

When the sound of laughter would wake us up, along with the scent of fresh hot chocolate and bread

Enough to drive anyone out of bed

Out of the window and seeing that view designed to steal hearts and time for an hour or two 

Dressed and ready to go, run down the street as if that was the only way to let all the happiness out, run and run, surrounded by everything fun, all under that Tuscan sun.

Remembering those mini moments like waking up every weekend at noon

Sunlight shines bright white pretending to be the moon

Keep the curtains closed, just a little longer in this blissful repose
Finally got a chance to be a lazybones 

Doing whatever take a fancy as long as it doesn’t involve anything with homework 

Outside, the starts making sounds, tempting tunes reminding us that there is so much to do

Would all probably be better with you, on your tricycle speaking a language I didn’t yet know, showing me how to kick a football or the best way to get to the shopping halls

Remembering those mini moments 

Dancing around in a red dress to the musicians on the street and then forgetting where my parents went, turns out they were behind me all along, but what did they expect from a four year old lost in a wonderland with colours of green, white and red.

Remembering those mini moments two decades later and still I walk down the street in those same colour shoes

Hearing the same operatic songs and arias sung everyday, enough to make me sit in the garden on the swing and reenact a few, sing along till out came the moon

So long ago now yet and it wouldn’t have been the same without you, turning up out of the blue.

Finally managed to wake up before noon, but still there’s not enough time to send with you 

Run down the same old streets, no longer silently or discreet, being an adult can make things obsolete like the unawareness and the liberty of time 

Remembering those mini moments 

Of the boy who spoke a language I did not yet know, teaching me how to kick a football or chase me around the park 

The music that was played, and the long nights with food and fun, enough to make anyone want to avoid going to bed

Enough said, losing those opportunities to be a lazybones

Remembering those mini moments

Now I speak the language you speak, not perfect, but still almost complete

Silent and discrete, nothing will ever be able to compete, and those the things I love are reminders, nothing will ever been the same until the day I can utter your name and declare those simple four letter words spelling out home.

– End
( This is just a little segment I wrote  a few months ago when I went back to Italy for a weekend. It just brought back a lot of happiness. Thank you for taking the time to read ❤️✨) 


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