Just sitting 

Just sitting on the floor

Hairdryer fill up the room with a warming roar

All is dark minus a single candle’s light 

Got a prose set a drift in the mind for company 

Like a literary calculator ready to solve the equation 

And give the subconscious a rest for a minute or three

Just sitting on the floor

Same song on repeat without even being discreet summons those thoughts and memories 

Like a temporary spell of amnesia, forgetting what I was doing or who was calling

The hairdryer is still roaring, only source of something warming

Whilst all the while thoughts are set adrift with the puzzles and the prose

All of which arose in the midst of a mind’s repose

Trying to figure out when it all commenced

Looking for a metaphor to end the sentence while all the while,

The carpet makes a good seat as the song continues on repeat 
Candlelight shining bright, keeping these thoughts in sight

As the prose flows around without a single sound

To serve a purpose and solve the puzzle 

Like a literary calculator or an artist’s defibrillator 

Kickstart the heart and set the memories apart, get set to depart

Just sitting on the floor as the clock stricks the lateness of the hour

Just look at how much life these thoughts do devour

Scrambling to the feet, keeping steady on the ground beneath our feet

Kill the hairdryer and extinguish the light, but keep the song playing just till the end 

It’s a guide to bring this puzzle to an end

The prose will show it all, going wistfully to open the door, to find you just sitting outside 

On the floor

And suddenly the puzzle becomes no more, because you were the answer after all….


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