No name in possession 

No name in possession

No identity to warrant a mention

But it’s influencial enough to bring about the need for an early pension.

In every dimension without question

The unseen causation of an irreversible manifestation

Devastating the sole purpose of its’ creation 

Like a molatov cocktail in a firework factory the end results will be quiet epic

The possible material for a biopic or two, for there never was such a thing as too few

No name in possession

It creeps upon the unaware like that of an unprecedented fever

With much left to be desired by those labelled as non-believers

Could you be the one to free us from the deceiver

No name in possession 

Feeding on the mistakes and failures of an endless degradation

The alliance made without any intent of relations in the core of its’ creation

In antispation waiting fervently for a sign freedom from liberty 

It’s all part of this course of serenity 

No name in possession 

No source or means to the origins of its’ creation

It lingers in the air awaiting for a single soul to ensnare 

Till the very fivers are torn and laid by their delicate threads, completely unaware

No name in possession

It’s all part of the profession 

On this quest for what is believed to be blissful protection in the aware of fears’ infestation …


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