Just Across The Street 

The noise of the crowd and traffic fades into mild whispers 

Going far far away, from the endless scene of bustling reality 

Just across the street, suddenly everything has gone silent and discrete.

Grasping the fragments of calm before they float way

Forget the location or the scenes of this endless commotions

The spectial of devotion that lingers just across the street

The car horns sound and drown out the cheep of the birds high in the tree tops of the park

The seconds are going by and soon it will be time to depart, but not before one final dalliance with an unbridaled union

Just across the street 

To the pavilion an opportunity some say is one in million

The noises fade away and the traffic begins to drift the loudness to a minimal

Secretly thankful to keep the distractions away, it’s a unique price to pay

To achieve that one brief moment to make us sway

Kept those emotions far too long at bay with nothing to extinguish the anguish 

Play the music and dance to the melodies,  it’s the only way to keep make the secret emotions stay, one brief moment, with no need to be concerned, no duty to take heed

At last the time has come for us to precede, to what everything achieved through the power of deceiving and all to conceive that one final moment to let the day beckon us far away

Just across the street

Against the wall unseen as people pass by, only seen through a camera lens, but this time all has changed and it’s time for the secrecy to end. 

The wait is over for it has all been for you, just waiting for month till you made an appearance out if the blue

Just across the street 

Obvious to all yet ready to enthrall

For sure you were destined to end up on the floor

Light up with an impulsive action all to get thus rare moment of satisfaction 

Oh, how you have driven us to an endless distraction, it can been seen on your face, that perfect smirk of triumphant satisfaction that infuriates and enthralls, to a degree some may be left appalled.

Just across the street, silent and descrete we go ready to banish the hustle and the bustle of whatever this day may have involved, and all for that one moment or two with you with the eyes of green and gold.
~ End 


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