There is a maze

There is a maze which captures us in a sudden unseen phase existing with one sole purpose. To disengage from reality as if it were some abstract thing of tiresome abnormality.

There is a maze residing far from prying eyes, just around the corner at the end of a bustling street, it’s location discrete, far from the towering buildings and harsh concrete that make cities magnific. 

There is a maze, very quiet and discreet tempting you to step in completely unaware of it’s presence even being there. The scents of the secretive blossoms linger in the air as the journey begins to find the end, amongst the hedgerows that never seems to end. It’s all part of the plan, one which draws on and on with no conclusion.  

There is a maze into on a daily basis we gaze, filled with green and brown, designed to erase all and every frown. It inspires an neverending stream of questions, leaving curiosity with an appetite that refused to be satisfied. Too keen on our pride to ever confide or reveal the presence or influence of this maze, all of which seems too good to be truly real. And yet the force of how our minds reel, attempting in vain not to feel, for all of the directions lead to a conclusion impossible to deem anything but surreal.

There is a maze lingering far from all prying eyes, silent and discrete, prepared to make reality obsolete. It is far from complete for the construction neverends, it’s at our command as the hedgerows reside amidst the scent of secretive blossoms. It takes you by the hand as though your wish is it’s sole command, whatever it may be that you demand. 

There is a maze of unseen wonder, everyday at the end of the corner of the street, past the river that craves it’s way through this city of concrete. It is set to astonish and banish all that made you frown as you venture through the sparkling greens and browns. For an eternity of rising just to fall down and into the mystery of a maze’s secretive journey to a curious harmony.


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