Through the open door

Through the open door 

As the light of the day begins to fade 

Down to the depths of floor

Illuminating the puzzle yet to be solved

For all the time that exists is yours to evolve in the continuation of worship and adore.

Through the open door

As the darkness commences it’s reign

Amongst the elements four

At your feet shall the faithful remain to serve the deafening silence as it echos forevermore

Through the open door

Confined and taking an eternity to define

With all resources at our command

Yet little is achieved to meet the demands

Through the open door

As the light fades to the floor

Still this puzzle keeps us in uproar

The resolution unclear

No matter which direction time may steer

With the elements four at our command to guide and resolve 

Through the open door

To the dark ocean that sways to the melody of the wind in the midst of a moonless sky

For all that there is to worship and adore still the answers hide away

Determination and dismay come what may the solutions will come someday

Through the open door.


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