He sings…

Before the moment which came to pass

That immersed us all admire in Saint Cecilia’s patronage

The figure stands in humble tribute to her, quiet, reserved, yet profound

He sings…

Before the moment which came to pass,

Clouds were gathering accompanied by shadows, dark and foreboding

Happiness and elation begin to erode

Deflation and melancholy corrosion

No light shines in the blackening day as the sun is engulf in the clouds without any leeway

Prosperity and serenity wither away

As time continue to serve at the aid of life’s decay

A singular event comes to pass out of the blue

No time given to fathom or prepare

The moment arose when the residence began to murmur in astonishment when

He sings…

The single source to devastate all that caused despair and steadily commence repair

He sings…

All is erased without a single care through the resonance of a sound, steady and profound

Impossible to prepare, no more can be done but to stop and stare

The patron standing humble and unseen, just for the shadows that linger in curiousity

All craving to gaze upon what remains hidden without notice or care

He sings…

As the gathering clouds are dispersed with the dark, lightless day at its’ heels

He may sing of love, or of a dance to a joyous chorus, whatever it is the reception is always causing a rousing appreciation, whether speechless or filled with uniting songs, the devotion is same, like that of the earth and the ocean, as he sings…

The voice is low and resonance deep within the core, whether be it he may sing Anema e Core or of some Grand Amore , the residence within earshot shall remain, for a time-being, on the floor in awe

He sings… all that and nothing more.

Till dusk comes and the streetlight set his city alight

Leaving all in such delight as the moment came to pass when he began to sing…banner2









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