I am a ghost

I am a ghost unknown to all with little to no regard held for me no matter how hard one tries to make it be

I am a ghost lost at sea with stormy tides rising up to drench us in unseen solitude and misery, indifference is a treasure to behold, no matter what has been told.

I am a ghost trapped in life’s grasp forever more to last walking on tiptoe in the shattered remains of broken glass, the wreched heart that beats fierce and strong, taunting with each passing day as though nothing is wrong

I am a ghost in my mind confined to the point of breaking, only relief comes from slumbers but even they take an infinity and medication to come.

I am a ghost and yet all that is wanted the most is to abandon and resign, the endlessly darkness awaits like that of a handsome, beautiful soulmate, with a voice of velvet and gold, no troubles reign here, just darkness and liberty from a mind in constant agony, the fault is mine, so please set me free

I am a ghost.


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