what is…

What is a question that can never be answered without means of waiting for things unseen to pass

What is a heart that beats solely for excitement in the dying light of these fragile days

what is the air we breathe without the want or need for more to be received.

What is a dream that cannot be no matter how much the ideas reign and rule

What is a wish that seems so fair fetched that it can never be, yet the mere thought of abandonment would reside on the lines of cruelty.

What is ambition if not to aid desires no matter how long they take, be it an eternity or simply hours to become a thing of reality. In this ever growing quagmire of fatality as existence become more fragile with each passing day, time more and more precious to be saved.

What is a kingdom without you to call a sire, what is a region without you to reside in as an ambassador or simple civilian, for only your presence makes these puzzles complete.

What is a voice that cannot be heard without a stunning silence being broken as thunder and lightening awaken the slumbering storms within.

What is a thought if it is not held in your grasp,  both innocent and of dangerous fatality

What is a soul that does not seek to be free, deep down in the depths of hidden thoughts and dreams, set to be abandoned and lost like a vessel amidst the famished sea.

What is a secret that is not occupied by you, with no price to pay, no time to be concerned with, no matter how or whether it may be we reside, just you and me. Together alone in solitude away from this magnitude of a demanding life.

What is a life that is not lived in kindness and honesty, the source of light in the ever growing darkness, dominions surrounding ready to be commanded.

What is a reality where you do not reign with eyes of gold and green, to be the maze and the map to liberty, to hear laughter and thoughts one more time, even if it was temporary, there would be no price too high to pay to hear and see you once more standing in that doorway.

What is the song that you use to sing in times where all seemed in disarray, where the very resonance of your presence and command would astound and banish all away from our sights, leaving only the might of your kindness in our wake.

What is a region if it is not reigned by you where we can be alone together in solitude, where the thrills of being young never fade, and nothing more would be wished for, because you would be there.

What is a question that can never be answered without the needs for slumbers and sleeps, for it is only then do the dreams become a reality, and a place you will always be, a secret kingdom of tranquility solely because you are there….


In memory  & remembrance of someone special 




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