On The Floor

On the floor

Here for it all whether it is to worship and adore
Or simply to symbolize the power you possess
To erase all memories out of the blue when the only thoughts occupying the mind are of you
On the floor
The moon is over the ocean you say and the dancing commences without question or hesitation
All at your command, there is no need for deliberation, no need to question when it is only you to Cause such devastation, all part of your delicate profession
On the floor
The moon is over the ocean, calm and serene and blue, perfect for you to dip into
It’s all about the blue with you, and a hint of yellow and red for added effect, the value remains the Same, the number always a ten.
Take precaution with the smile that sets a nation to sway, or else it’s a single region that all will adore and obey, come what may, a secret hero resides within, just wait and see what he will begin.
On the floor
Always in the mind
A single sighting and all it’s all out of the blue
Grasp those memories tightly for they all involve you
The moon is over the ocean, the dance is underway,
At your command, astonishingly proud and supremely loud
On the floor
And all because of something frightfully intriguing
The worse of curiosity’s kind that leaves you questioning reality
Rendering us in an aftermath of entanglement that leads back to you
On the floor
The fascination and interest erupts out of the blue
Convinced it is false and holds nothing true
All that until the reality rises in the morning sun and reveals it all to be true
And all the roads lead back to you
For it to be a lie would have been obscene yet acceptable, but now that it is better than true
Makes it all the more difficult to forget you
On the floor
Here to remain
No longer in curious disdain
All the more for you to reign
An eternity under you gaze of hazel and green
It’s serene and mellow combined with other things too
All the more to allow you in and take the walls away
For now the moon is over the ocean, as you would say, it’s time to dance
Till the dawn arises to reign once more for a day anew.

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