Lying on the floor too preoccupied
An existence modified at your sight
All because of that one singular night
Did you teach me to be unafraid
Did you divert the sadness the never ending madness of thoughts divided.
Never to confess, admit or regress Simply to be whatever you want people to see.


Memories of your sight of being at your side                                                                                 There was triumph, there was pride.
The future is your bride to which all are to be wed no matter how selfish reality can be           In the end there is always a me in team.


It cannot be unseen, it cannot be unheard
The mere notion of it was once absurd and yet
There you were just a single step away in a language unknown and laced with riddles             So I learnt to speak, remember and repeat, silent and discreet                                                         Up throughout the night till the street lights flickered to summon us to sleep                           And dream with memories on repeat within the mind divine and sublime                               Lost in the subconscious thoughts of you


Gratitude goes to you for making it possible in a minute way to shatter the walls of Protection to crumble to ashes and dust
Oh this heart has grown weary with melancholy rust.                                                                         Fragile in the light and always to be kept out of sight                                                                           But just for tonight let shall be set free for only you to see


Solitude is obsolete, cruelty is vanquished and kindness rules                                                         In the wake of reality’s harsh destruction a remedy is made                                                             One to never fade or decay, craved in ink to banish the scars away                                                  Tonight the echoes of the past are silenced in this alliance with wishes at mutual Command, to inspire all to be regal and grand with all power and might

Just for tonight.


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