Until you looked at me. 

Until you looked at me.
Innocent and carefree unconcerned without anything to convey. 

No expectations or hopes

Just a simple evening where time was free to devote and thoughts were at liberty, for once, to be carefree.

Until you looked at me.
There the source of a silent eruption.

A sight that words could do little to express the wonder and surprise felt By the fixed presence of your eyes

Set a blaze in a twinkling euphoria 

All was calm and at peace 

Until you looked at me. 
To what end would it achieve no answer could be given for in the moment the world dissolved away

As thought some heavy draft of liquor had been drunk and transported me far away to a place where flames of duties and responsibilities were extinguished 

All things such as these were once impossible, until you looked at me.
Temporary and fleeting though it was and will forever be nothing more than a distant memory, but oh what a memory to possess, one that shall remain locked away for all of eternity, the elated happiness and inspiration that occurred, and all because you simply looked at me. 

To you I thank and bid farewell, for the journey you introduced me to,one that was once impossible to believe until he looked at me.
That watchful graze that remained for what felt like days on end, time ceased at your command and gravity yours to bend, causing us all to ascend to a kingdom of your very own, where fears and reservations are non existent, and peace reigns without remorse. 

Such things as these could never have been true until the day I looked at you. 


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