Satellites of Deception 

Satellites of deception a symbol of perfection, part of an eternal delegation as acts and gestures are committed in vain with a shallow heart and a plastic soul ready to be recycled.

Satellites of deception when the world revolves around thee, for surely it is how everything was meant to be, perfected and produced solely for thee.

Satellites of deception with everything to share, so much noise to be made yet no substance or gain to be heard, the mere notion is absurd, conceited and depleted, a ludicrous being of self obsession though it is sworn to be a true profession. 

Satellites of deception seeking to increase the numbers to the miles as attention grows, the hands laid bare overflowing  with emptiness, as the volume increases yet nothing can be hear.

Satellites of deception on an infinite quest for attention and to be better than thee, for after all, they say with firm conviction, ” it is all about me”.

Satellites of deception bemoaning the merest thing of rejection, acknowledgement is the key for it all revolves around thee. No thought or desire goes unheard for it is there to be shared, be prepared for everything laid bare. 

Satellites of deception on an endless loop of indiscretion, all part of a would-be profession, past hope or any form of aid, where the volume is on the maximum level but nothing can be heart, shallow and cold, constantly self-absorbed. 

Oh satellites of deception. 


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