Oh gladiator

Oh gladiator
A silent force of hope and power

Casting all fears and doubts aside

For the might of your strength and will to devour
Oh gladiator 

With courage and justice in your 

Veins to conquer and unite with all The powers possible to be a figure Of endless prosperity 
Oh gladiator 

with valor and pride 

Walking arm in arm with the 

hearts of many at your side

Sacred and pure,

A ruler and leader to succeed with 

Honesty and pride when the 

Darkness divides and turns unities 

Into opposing side of war and 

Destruction all in the aid of 

Serving Corruption

Oh gladiator will not let this become the eternity of reality

Alone in reality though to all he seems to be in an eternity of company

Good natured and kind

Yet unable to trust those out of fear of so many falsehoods he has had to bear 

Friends were secretly foes hidden in disguise, or else cold and shallow like the depth of bare rivers frozen in December’s reign 

But oh a gladiator will he remain to take the burden of all we witness with fear and distain

Oh gladiator I shall never forget your name. 


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