Let It Fall 

Let it fall

Time has relinquished all Commands to meet the eternal Demands, profound and set to Astound in united harmony.

Let it fall

Summon the army to ignite the frozen reign of the monarchy to Claim all in a quest to enthrall just Let it fall.

Rest upon the cold stone a perfect Throne for a ice heart embraced by A frozen soul. 

Let it fall

Hear the knock upon the door the silence now shattered upon the floor. Sounds erupt from every angle to start as heart strings are forced into an incredible tangle unfathomable to unravel.

Let it fall

Worship and adored yet never to be known for long gone is the splendid being, a picture of imperfect harmony and melancholy wellbeing.

Say no more and let it fall, it’s the rightful fate to ones gone forever more, even with initials craved in black ink on the untainted canvas.

Let it fall, better to be lost and adored then ignored, forgotten and forlorn. 


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