Unspoken Words 

Unspoken words longer as time as time unfolds, another incident passes by leaving a quagmire of uncertainty in it’s wake, after all the time was taken to debate and evaluate. 

Unspoken words left unsaid for it is better to put this whole incident to bed with only the stunned silence shattering to savior in the magnitude of this unprecedented earthquake. 

Unspoken words left unsaid though warning were heard yet never taken into consideration what would become the fate of a stunning devastation.

Unspoken words leave their mark where dislocation prevails and isolation unites solely to conquer and divide, in the wake of deminished pride. 
Unspoken words foretold what was deemed absurd with no means of becoming a reality, nor result in an exit of the old formalities, to what end will this resolution bring, in the wake of a deafening silence only the loudest sounds can bring. 


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