Quiet & Discrete

Quiet and discrete

Timidly the floorboards creek

Some form of unearthly mystic

Webs are forming as the spiders spin

The ebb and flow of darkness seeps in as the lights go dim

Quiet and discrete

Footsteps linger as the door shuts triggering the locks

The cold tickles through unseen preventing all warmth from coming in

Rain drops cascade along the window – the noise shatters the silence hollow and grim

The timid desires longer in the cold dim light, startling in their mellow manner, concealing potential sins.

Quiet and discrete 

Heart grows hard and cold as though set in concrete, unwilling to admit defeat to the safety of the night’s deceit.

Quiet and discrete 

Sudden sounds trigger alarms for fear of whatever may bring about harm. Surely it is a mere false alarm? Nonsensical and foolish sources of imagination created on a whim

Hiding in the darkness where no shadows dare to linger in the wake of a magnificent scare awaiting for all those who dare intervene in what is calm and serene. 

Quiet and discrete



Happy Halloween! 🎃 



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