A simple question 

A simple question in need of no discretion, though it contains the possibility of a revealing confession. 

A simple question humble in nature without much hesitation, voiced aloud may cause devastation or be taken as a sign of niave buffonery. With no absolution to be found with no hope of rest or a vacation. 

A simple question lingers in the mind, despite being professional through hard work and a healthy  obsession for success, answers linger in the environment awaiting to be found. Yet this is a question without such ease in a response, arising unannounced and profound, hijacking all other sources of curiosities. 

A simple question that won’t stay away and no means or motives can keep it at bay, a global conundrum influencing the rare and few. Igniting fires that spreads until all hopes of being extinguished are put to bed. 

A simple question being posed on to the mystery universally acknowledged as a thing of beauty and tragedy. 

A simple question with no answer insight, solely  the means to express the sentiments and origins in hopes the answer will come as the source of our liberty. 


Thank you for taking the time to read – it means a lot – and for following this poetry blog. Thank you 💚 this poem is a little protect worked on in class as combination of a riddle and a poem (with guesses to what the “simple question” could be). 


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